UTAH: Bleeding Hearts go out to the Muslims, of course!

You don’t EVER see them cry for the victims, those suckers for crim’s and terrorists!

Everything else would be ‘racism’- right? Right.


Vitriolic e-mails zero in on ‘Muslim’
By Elaine Jarvik and Deborah Bulkeley
Deseret Morning News

On ultraconservative Web sites like littlegreenfootballs.com, the story of Monday’s shooting rampage at Trolley Square has been reduced to one fact: “Salt Lake City Killer Was a Muslim.”

*’Ultraconservative’ translated: = “bigoted, racist, evil.”

“The media did everything they could to avoid mentioning it, but it’s confirmed today that the mass murderer who terrorized a mall in Salt Lake City was a Bosnian Muslim,” reads the intro at littlegreenfootballs.com.


* Because even if the guy’s got ‘Al Qaeda’ written all over him the authorities usually deny it…

At MichaelSavage.com, the Muslim connection is a running-banner headline.

At jihadwatch.org, the story begins “Sudden Jihad syndrome? Maybe.”
The online stories, as well as Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s stories in the Deseret Morning News, have resulted in a barrage of vitriolic e-mails to the News from people either angry at the paper for not mentioning the religion of shooter Sulejman Talovic in Wednesday’s Web edition, or certain that because Talovic is Muslim that he must be a terrorist.


Here’s the correct Jihadwatch article:




He was a ‘good boy:’

Salt Lake City Killer’s Records Released
Local Salt Lake City blogger Jonathan notified us that some of Sulejman Talovic’s juvenile records have been leaked. Excerpts:

At age 12, Talovic was before a judge for allegedly holding a knife over the head of girl while stating, “I’ll kill you,” according to a source who is familiar with the case.

Two years earlier, Talovic was referred to juvenile court for throwing rocks at a little girl.

About the same time, he threatened his parents’ landlord with a knife. …

The first girl was not struck by the stones. And the mother of the second girl snatched her up in the nick of time, just as Talovic took a swipe with the blade, according to the source, who has seen court documents relating to the case. …

Talovic was also referred to court for stealing fireworks from a Smith’s grocery store on June 22, 2001.

On July 9, 2001, Talovic admitted the shoplifting crime, and it was the last time he appeared in juvenile court, according to the source, quoting court records.

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  1. Well, we have to feel bad. Those terrible Serbs did so many things to his people that were so undeserved. He just had a lot of bottled up rage that just had to come out.

  2. I looked into the local mosques online and found this website, The Muslim Forum of Utah,

    offers all avenues – online – readily accessible to all.

    For example:

    Sunni-Shia Dialogue Featuring Dr. Muzzamil Siddiqi (Sunni) & Imam Al-Qazwini (Shia) 3/12/06 Dr. Muzzamil Siddiqi, Religious Director of The Islamic Society of Orange County, meets with Imam Al-Qazwini, the founding Imam of The Islamic Educational Center of Orange County along with a mixed council of Sunni and Shia leaders in California to discuss unity and cooperation between Sunnis and Shias in a time when Muslims are facing increased internal and external threats. You can listen to this dialogue with quicktime:

    Sunni-Shia Dialogue (Part 1)

    Sunni-Shia Dialogue (Part 2)

    Now why, you might ask, would that be of interest?

    Dr. Muzzamil Siddiqi helped convert Al Qaeda operative Adam Gadahn

    Now I’m not saying that the shooter, Sulejman Talovic was a disciple. . .but the material was intentionally available through this Utah collective – in or out of any mosque. . .secular or fundamentalist.

    As it turns out, by the time I posted this information at LGF, the Utah muslim forum site was updated and I could no longer access the info unless I accepted their cookies. I could however cut/paste their heinous press release:

    Trolley Square Shooting Not Related to Islam & Muslims 2/14/07 The tragic Trolley Square Shooting that happened recently was not related to Islam and Muslims. Our hearts go out to the families that were hurt in this event. The people hurt and killed could have been our own families and friends that attend the nearby Mosque, so we are happy that the perpetrator was killed before he could hurt anybody else in the community. Our Bosnian contacts in the community say that Sulejman Talovic, an 18 year old high school drop out and Bosnian immigrant, was a young man who lived a hermit type of lifestyle. Political terrorism is not a factor, given his lifestyle and lack of adherence to Islam.

    He was not known to have been religious, but infact secular in nature and never attended any of the local Mosques and did not associate with the community.

    Even if he had been religious, that does not represent the communty, because his actions were anti-Muslim and hurt Muslims more than anybody. Some say he was from a gypsy background. There are alot of American, Mexican, African-American, Bosnian, Somalian, Saudi, Arab, Afghani, Turkish, Iraqi, Lebanese, Jordanian, Palestinian Pakistani, Persian, Iranian and other youth that are secular and drink alcohol, fornicate, gamble, and go to clubs in Utah. They are not representative of the overall Muslim community within Utah or abroad. If he was from a non-Muslim background, his faith would never have been mentioned in the news and media. sltrib article>>> Also, please visi. . .

    So, what we have here is amoral equivalence, “Even if he had been religious, that does not represent the communty, because his actions were anti-Muslim and hurt Muslims more than anybody.”

    Hurt muslims MORE than anybody! THE GALL!

    As for the murderous lad’s affiliation with any mosque – CBSNews had something quite different to report:

    Sulejman Talovic quit school at 16, but had continued to attend Friday prayers at a Salt Lake City mosque until December, when he got a job under pressure from his father.

    You may also be interested in reading Debbie Schlussel’s take.

    Then read this captivating essay:
    Should we worry about a Bosnian Muslim massacring people in Trolley Square?

    and think about this:


    1380 A.D. – 1908
    A.D. (500+ years) the Bulgars and Slavs were under what they call
    “Tyrskoto Robstvo”…The Turkish Yoke (Ottoman Empire).

    During that time Christian Churches were turned into execution
    Just visit a small village, Batak. In Batak more than 2000 Christians
    were forced into a church by the muslims and locked in it. You can
    see the 2 foot high blood ring on the church walls. People dug 4 feet
    with nothing but BARE HANDS, and various items that could be found in
    the church, through solid stone and rock trying to reach water.
    Cannibalism ensued and the skeletons are still there. The church there
    is now a museum/memorial.

    The muslims did their best to force the bulgar/slavs to convert to
    by holding knives under the chins of the people. So if they didn’t deny
    the Christian belief the knife would then be shoved up into the head.
    The Christians adapted accordingly and the practice still stands today,
    that in order to survive, they would move their head from left to right
    and not up and down to say ‘yes’. So when the knife was under there
    and they were asked, “Are you a christian?” They would turn the head
    left and right. The muslims felt it meant no, yet the christians knew
    was ‘yes’. They still nod that way. Nodding the head up and down means
    ‘No’, left to right, right to left means ‘yes’. It took me a while to
    get used to it.

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