Anti-Dhimmitude in Madrid: Widow Attends Madrid Bombing Trial Wearing Motoon

A Lady of distinction, no doubt. And a judge who sees the light, finally:

MADRID – The widow of a man killed in the Madrid bombings attended the trial of Islamic radicals with a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed with a bomb on her T-shirt.

The judge in charge of trial on Monday asked security guards to check the woman’s T-shirt and ordered the cameras to halt live transmissions. Initially, he thought the woman could been a relative of one of the 29 accused and thought she might have put some kind of message on her T-shirt.

The T-shirt was a copy of the cartoons showing Mohammed on top of a bomb which were first printed by a Danish magazine and which caused disturbances in Muslim countries around the world.

* ‘Disturbances’ that killed hundreds of people, caused billions in damages and saw many western embassies firebombed. You can always rely on your MSM to give you a clear picture…

The judge decided the woman was free to wear what she liked and could come back to the court if she wished.

The woman, who was not identified, is a member of the Association of those Affected by Terrorism.

* No doubt Cairns Post reporter Gavin King would have seen to it that her details were printed, where she lives and where she works, so that the ‘RoP’ could pay her a visit…

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  1. Fare play to the women for wearing the Mohammed place a bomb upon him t-shirt, and fare play to the judge

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