2 thoughts on “Back to the Future: ‘Hitler was right! He just didn’t finish the job’- Right, Moonbats?”

  1. This may be one reason the PC brigade and moonbats alike are shy about taking on the islamic beast….

    “Local jurisdictions are fearful or indifferent to dealing with religion. This has arisen from decades of constant harangue that religious equality, as the flipside of political, social and economic, are desirable and possible.

    This notion of leaving faith at the door of the church and temple is so blatantly irrational and unrealistic, few people challenges the assumption. It assumes that faith and the Self are separable, like material things. It assumes all faiths are about individual salvation, a route to heaven. It assumes all people have faiths and all faiths are the same in essence. Confucius was right, 2,000 years before these assumptions have now dawn on Europe: Respect the gods but keep your distance.

    The consequence of the western fallacy has been that Islam has so far been treated, in power centres, with velvet gloves and so shielded from criticisms.”

    Scroll down to comment 13. One of the best arguments for dealing with islam I’ve seen yet…


  2. Uncle Adolf is an honorary Muslim. I’m surprised someone hasn’t claimed he was actually a closet one by now. After all, Islam would love to have his great work as part of its own record of accomplishments. Not that such a record needs any help.

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