EU will ‘never’ abandon Palestinians: Ferrero-Waldner

* Of course not! Not paying the jiziyah would mean a sharp increase of terror in Europe. Trains and buses and airports are soft targets, churches and synagogues can be firebombed and perhaps a few school-attacks along the lines of Beslan… The horror!
Tribute must be paid to the terrorists who call themselves ‘Palestinians’ who ‘must not be abandoned’- platitudes all the way. Unfortunately you’ll never find a Western politician who tells these murderous bastards that they should get stuffed.

Instead of them threatening us what they will do if we don’t pay, we should cut all connections with anything ‘Palestinian’ and go straight into defense mode. But that will never happen as long as Dhimmies like Ferrero-Waldner are engaged in submissive shuttle diplomacy and underhand jiziyah- payments which are disguised as ‘aid’…


AMMAN (AFP) – The European Union will never halt aid to the Palestinian people even if a new Hamas-led unity government Hamas fails to meet international conditions, its external relations commissioner said Thursday.

“A (Palestinian) national unity government will have to respond to the Quartet’s principles,” Benita Ferrero-Waldner told reporters in Amman, a day after talks with Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas.

“We have never abandoned the Palestinian people … and even if the (unity) government did not meet these requirements we will not abandon the Palestinian people,” she said.

Abbas’s Fatah party and the Islamist movement Hamas struck a deal last month to form a unity government aimed at ending a crippling Western aid boycott, imposed on the former Hamas government.

The Quartet — European Union, Russia, United Nations and United States — is demanding that Hamas recognise Israel, renounce violence and honour previous interim peace deals. It is awaiting the formation of the new government before deciding whether to lift the sanctions.

Ferrero-Waldner was on Wednesday in the West Bank town of Ramallah, where she visited a bank disbursing EU social allowances to individual Palestinians set up last year by the European Commission, at the request of the European Council and the Quartet.

“We are reaching out to one-quarter of the Palestinian population,” she said in Amman of social allowances handed out to Palestinian people who have suffered loss of income as a result of the international sanctions.

“They absolutely need it in this very difficult moment … and we are trying to help them in this very difficult situation,” she added.