6 thoughts on “Gaza in deep S#*t”

  1. We can consider this an act of Allah-he indeed knows best! He finally has created a cesspool fit for cesspoolians.

    One thing is certain-this never happened when Israel “occupied” the joint.


    Indeed many ‘blog posters have called some islamic areas “cesspools”.
    Guess they were all correct. And you are right: Israel would never have let this happen.

    If we are all to become dhimmis one day, heaven forbid, we can see the kind of infrastructure that is likely to occur when people such as the Gazans are in control.

  3. CGW put me on to your blog. Good to see you again. As you must know, I’m persona non grata at J.W. for a while. I miss the contact with cohorts and friends that I’ve lost by being bounced. if I may, I’ll stop by here and see if I can restore some of those contacts.

    I began at J.W. back in March of 2004 or 2003, I can’t recall now which, and my first post there was to ask people to join me in public to meet and greet and organise against Left dhimmi fascism and jihad. I wrote there on a daily basis for over two years, as welll as other sites, and my mission, unchanged to this day, was to encourage meetings of our own kind, of freedom loving and independent minded folk, to sit togethher to make a clear statement of our public resistence to the reaction against our Western societies and cultures. This evening, Thursday, we here in Vancouver, Canada will meet at the Vancouver Public Library in the atrium from 7-9:00 p.m. for a public discussion of Islam and dhimmitude. We let ourselves be known by wearing blue scarves and by donning Israeli flag patches on our baseball caps. We’re hard to miss. It’s now over 14 months that we’ve met openly like this, and we have not encountered any significant problems to date. Our group is still small in nuumber but it grows. In time we will represent the public majority voice of this nation. I invite anyone to join us this evening or any Thursday evening to sit with us and join in our discussion. For more details and a sense of our views, one may turn to Covenant Zone, a mix of political and personal news and commentary. More importantly, we encourage others to join our revolution against dhimmitude by forming friendships at a personal level in your own neighbourhoods, among friends, among those who share with you the awareness of the danger of the creeping rot of jihad, da’wa, and dhimmitude in the West. We do this each and every week. It’s perhaps not easy to stand up in public to be known as a free man, but there comes a time when it’s the only stance left that leaves one standing at all.

    [Term.,] I read the report at J.W. and got personal messages as well. You have, for what it’s worth, all our best regards and promises of assistance in any way we can provide.

    Dag. (sonofwalker.)

  4. Hi Shiva.

    Leave me an address or come around to Covenant Zone and let me know how you are.

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