Israel kills Islamic Jihad commanders in W.Bank

By Wael al-Ahmed Wed Feb 28,
JENIN, West Bank (Reuters) – Israeli forces killed two Islamic Jihad leaders and their driver in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, drawing vows of revenge for the ambush in Jenin.


Keeping pressure on militants elsewhere in the West Bank, Israeli soldiers moved back into Nablus and clamped a curfew on thousands of people, a day after residents said the army had ended a raid — the biggest in months — that began on Saturday.

Near Jenin’s refugee camp, an Israeli undercover unit ambushed a car in which Ashraf al-Saadi, described by Islamic Jihad as a commander in its armed wing in the West Bank, was traveling.

Witnesses said Saadi was wounded by Israeli gunfire and two other men in the vehicle, Mohammed Abu Naaseh and driver Ala al-Breiky, were killed outright. Saadi fled on foot and fired a pistol, but was shot dead by the plainclothed unit after falling to the ground, the witnesses told Reuters.

“Israeli forces came to arrest the wanted men. Saadi spotted the unit, took out a pistol and fired at it, wounding a (paramilitary) border policeman. The force fired back, killing the three men,” an Israeli military spokesman said.

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4 thoughts on “Israel kills Islamic Jihad commanders in W.Bank”

  1. This is a good achievement, it is time for us to kill all Islamic militants. In addition, we need to seize Saudi Arabia and destroy Mecca and Medina. This will be the end of Islam.

  2. Mohammed Shahid:

    “…it is time for us to kill all Islamic militants.”

    As lovely as t sounds it is not possible. Not because the militants are very difficult to kill – they are never a match for a western commando unit.
    The problem is that Islam’s nature is precisely to keep on producing militants whenever it believes that a continuing militancy – however costly – will eventually undermine the morale of the infidel who being bound by his ethical , religious and humane norms, must limit the scope of his reaction to endless “surgical” operations and must do so WITHOUT the hope for the final victory.
    In other words the Infidel is forced to wage a war against terror instead of against Islam itself.

    Without the vision of the total and final victory the humane (“castrated” is a good word) Israel can administer punitive actions for a limited time only, but eventually it will grow tired, battle fatigued and throw in the towel. It is always strategy that wins wars and islam’s strategy is clear and sound while Israeli strategy doesn’t really exist.

    “…In addition, we need to seize Saudi Arabia and destroy Mecca and Medina. This will be the end of Islam.”
    That I agree with a 100%. Actually seizing Saudi Arabia is not really necessary for destroying Mecca and thus decapitating Islam.

    Or, as I suggested earlier, dropping a few hundreds tons of pig shit on the great mosque of Mecca will definitely do the trick…

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