Muslims dominating communities: Nile

Article from: AAP

CHRISTIANS in Australia say they are being persecuted by Muslims who have built up such numbers that they dominate entire communities, Christian Democratic Party leader Reverend Fred Nile says.


Mr Nile caused controversy at the weekend by calling for an immediate 10-year moratorium on Islamic immigration.

Today he said Australia should give priority to Christians wanting to flee persecution in Muslim countries.

Mr Nile said there had been been no serious study of the potential effects on Australia of the more than 300,000 Muslims already here.

He said he wanted a study to look at the examples of the Netherlands and France, where the Muslim minority had become large enough to “flex its muscle”.

“The same thing is happening in our city of Sydney … they (Muslims) concentrate and virtually by population numbers they dominate that actual community,” he said on Southern Cross radio.

Mr Nile said Egyptian Coptic Christians had told him persecution by Muslims had followed them to Australia.

“They say to me, `We feel tension building up, we came to this country to get away from … discrimination and persecution and we feel the same sort of spirit is growing here,'” he said.

Christians from Yemen told him they had to pretend to be Muslims in their home country to avoid persecution in the street.

And Muslim embassy staff also often discriminated against Christian visa applicants, he said.

“I don’t want Muslims working in our embassies overseas dictating who comes to Australia, let’s give priority to persecuted Christians,” he said.

“Muslims aren’t persecuted in Muslim countries, Christians are.”

Mr Nile admitted Muslim immigration was an easy target for politicians but while he advocated tolerance, he had real concerns over the numbers coming to Australia.

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* The Greens, as always, prefer to remain blissfully ignorant and play the race card:

The NSW Greens called on the major parties today to publicly reject Mr Nile’s call for an immigration moratorium and cancel any preference deals with his party.

“Rev Nile’s statement makes NSW look ugly and racist,” Greens MP Lee Rhiannon said.

“All public figures should distance themselves from such an unacceptable policy.”

9 thoughts on “Muslims dominating communities: Nile”

  1. Ban Muslim immigration for 10 years? How about 100-minimum.

    As for the Green Party they should change their name to Yellow, as in urine. Because that’s basically what it is in every country they infest.

  2. Seems like common sense is dying out in the west or people are just plain ignorant to these islamic retards infesting our shores.
    Not unlike the cane toad, these neanderthals who were imported here to bolster the labour party votes by the likes of Hawk and Keating will soon get out of control if good men do nothing.

  3. I never thought I would live to see the day I would agree completely with Fred Nile. Just shows you: anything is possible!

  4. My answer to it is ban dirty Mohammedan immigration altogether and forever, never let any of them set foot on ore country’s soil. The reason why they multiple 100 times quicker than rats and they bring noting but the worst of trouble and are far too much of a threat to our freedom

  5. I thought yellow would be appropriate because it is the colour associated with cowardice.
    Sheik, you have inspired me. Generally, I’m a listener, not one to take action. But I’ve just emailed Lee Rhiannon asking to her to explain how oposition to Islam constitutes racism. I also pointed out that I can become a Muslim tomorrow but my ethnicity is pretty much fixed. I told her I was looking forward to her reply. Can any one help me with the spelling of ad hominem,? 😉

  6. It sadens me to think that I will probably vote for Fred’s party as they are the only ones standing against the Islamification of Australia. I will have to give up my porn addiction, as Fred’s party will ban those things. But it’s a hell of a lot better than all the evil things that will come our way if the growing Muslim problem is not addressed, and soon.

  7. ya gotta be a dum shits doncha. the more they attack fred. the more it proves to the aussie public they are what they are. elections on. da! anyways kings wood countries on again. gotta go. thats gotta be an oxymoron with megaphone. quick everybloody run forya collins.

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