Muslims Threaten to Kill Fred Nile

Because the enemy of Islam must be killed. That’s what Islam does since its inception.

But immigration is a national security issue, and should be treated as such. The need for Fred Nile’s recommendation is illustrated by the reaction to it.

Australian pol calls for moratorium on Islamic immigration, Muslims helpfully demonstrate why this is needed 

Trying to stop Islam is a capital offense under Islamic law.

And the sharia is coming anyhow, right?

7 thoughts on “Muslims Threaten to Kill Fred Nile”

  1. I wrote to fred about ten years ago now. he was a supporter of multiculturism. I corrected the scripture he used to support his theories and basically said to him that multiculturism will be the death knell of those countries that except this garbage. I hate to tell him so, but i told you so. Ten years ago a majority of aussies wouldn’t listen either. Their are still many naive aussies now whom refuse to believe the muslum (blowflies) invasion into the west. To those whom know scripture. these inbreeds are nodoubt the people of the prince who is to come. Daniel 9:26. In the end they will be wipped of the face of the earth.

  2. Doc;
    “In the end they will be wipped of the face of the earth. ”

    I doubt that very much.
    Blogs, however loud and eloquent, will not do the “wiping off” job and I don’t see anything more effective on the horizon. On the contrary. moslem grip on the west europe solidifies with each day. Please Doc, sketch for us the possible scenario that will bring about Australia’s counteroffensive and eventual liberation from that satanic invasion. With all respect, Daniel 9:26 doesn’t suggest a strategy to achieve the goal (of liberation).

  3. First of all westerners will want to wake up before making a strategy to tackle the Mohammedan problem, and yet it sill does not dawn on most westerners when someone criticizes any aspect of the Islam cult, death Threats and extreme violence always follows. Fucking Islamic bastards are getting way with far much in our countries they must be sorted out now

  4. God bless and protect Fred Nile.
    He is a powerful ally in this struggle against the satanic death cult, Islam.
    Many conservative Christians will now hopefully wake up to the threat posed by the enemies of Christ we have stupidly invited into our midst.

  5. I hope the Australians will impose the 10 year moratorium as suggested by Fred Nile. Not only would it obviously be good for Australia, but it would pave the way for other Western countries to do so as well. A Muslim Moratorium should begin yesterday.

  6. Since you guys seem to like Scripture, let’s think about Revelation, where those who have been beheaded for their testimony are assembled at God’s throne. We always thought it would be the guillotine. Maybe that;s not the method of beheading.
    Maybe we should consider Eph 6:12? I don’t believe Muslims are the enemy. The spirit of Islam is.

  7. Three cheers for Fred Nile. It’s good to see so many Australian church men making a stand and spreaking the truth about Islam. Danny Nalliah, Cardinal Pell, and Fred Nile (representing the Charasmatic, Catholic, and Fundemental Protestant traditions) are courageous men who deserve our praise.

    Where is the Anglican spokesman, why are they so quiet? Are they worried about upsetting their future boss, Sheik Charlie?

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