4 thoughts on ““Out of Context, Fair Go, Harmony under Sharia…””

  1. VERY OT

    Anyone who posts on Andrew Bolt’s ‘blog please note he will no longer allow any personal ‘blog links. Bummer!

    Check this out to see the context. I think the poster was about to quote JWDW.

    “We can’t visit every website cited to check it is okay to link to. Hence, from now on we’ll only allow on websites that are well known ie herald sun, age, cnn, reuters etc. And we won’t be letting through anymore links to personal blogs or websites. Bolt Moderators.

    Andrew Bolt”

    I am rather surprised he is allowing reuters after the fauxtography incident. And who in their right mind would reference CNN?

    It is also not entirely clear if he will allow JWDW, LGF, Malkin etc.
    He may have a very good reason: I just hope it isn’t a form of censorship.

  2. this is true art!!! how can I get in touch with the artist? I’ve got a number of jobs
    I’d like to commision him/her to do.

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