Muslims Destroy Europe’s Education System

France, the land of liberté, égalité, fraternité no longer has an education system. Voltaire cannot be taught. French history cannot be taught. The holocaust cannot be taught. Many classes have a majority of Muslims who not only boycott these lessons, but they either walk out or intimidate French students to support them in their boycott.


England has the same problem: God help Britain
The University of Leeds has canceled a speech by German author Matthias Küntzel on the connections between Islamic antisemitism and Nazi Germany—after complaints from seething Muslim groups caused the university to fear a violent reaction from the Religion of Peace™: Freedom of speech row as talk on Islamic extremists is banned.

And this is what the ‘RoP’ is doing to Canada’s universities:

You can watch the rest on LGF:

2 thoughts on “Muslims Destroy Europe’s Education System”

  1. i feel for your nations…………thousands of years to build a great nation and it takes the isslammies ten years to tear it down………..what have they Ever added to modern society besides death, destruction, hate………..let the muslim hunting season start in the states.screw mo:>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Western schools of an informal nature must be made.
    They should meet in churches or synagogues.
    And they should teach every tenet of Western civilization.
    And above all, they should accept no public funds and should consciously discriminate against Muslims.
    The education of non-Muslims is key to the preservation of the non-Muslim community.

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