Pauline Hanson and the Islamo-Christians

Andrew Bolt knocks Pauline Hanson over an article in the Herald Sun

in which she already cops a lot of flak over this:

PAULINE Hanson has invented a new religion where Muslims and Christians can pray together.

The former One Nation leader, who is having another tilt at politics, said she was wary of allowing Muslims to settle in Australia.

* Many of us are wary of Muslims settling in Australia

But she would welcome some Muslims, she said.

“There are Christian Muslims – there is no problems about that,” she told ABC radio yesterday.

“But if people believe in the way of life under the Koran, that concerns me greatly.”

* It does, Pauline. It concerns us all. But you have to learn about the Dhimmi’s, the poor wretched Islamo-Christians, like the Copts in Egypt and all those who still remain, who somehow managed to survive, in Islamic countries in slave-like conditions.

But Roland Jabbour, chairman of the Australian Arabic Council, said Ms Hanson had damaged Australia’s reputation.

“I think her comments are a reflection of someone who is totally ignorant,” he said. “It would be a sad day if she ever succeeded in gaining a seat in Parliament again.”

* Not at all Roland. Not at all.  Perhaps you should worry about ‘the image of Islam’ and less about Australia’s reputation. The great majority of Australians are no longer ignorant and want a reversal of Islamic infiltration.

* Andrew: Why be an ankle biter? You no longer believe in a fair go?

2 thoughts on “Pauline Hanson and the Islamo-Christians”

  1. I heard that interview, and she really just meant to say there are peaceful/westernised muslims around after Fran Kelly mentioned examples of integrated muslims , it was nothing, just a slip (she does that alot obviously) came out as ” christian muslims”.
    I think, although Hanson comes across as a dingbat, she makes alot of sense on the immigration issue, something other politicians are either too scared or PC to do. If anything Hanson is diplomatic when discussing the invaders and understates the problem. It shows you how low we’ve sunk that she gets slammed for such a minor slip.

  2. Hey Savitch,

    I agree with you, Hanson is a bit spaced, but she says the truth about the issues facing us with immigration.

    As a first generation australian from Eastern Europe, my parents or relatives did not act like these Islamic Migrants. Gee why is that? Is it because they had to work on Government Projects when they got here? Or is it that they tried their hardest to get on and be australian and to be thankful that they are in australia?

    Not supprising is that my relatives all wanted to vote Pauline when she first came on the scene, and they were not born here !!!

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