Professor For Sale: Western definition of “jihad” must be corrected — Italian “expert”

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From the ‘petro-dollars go a long way’ department:

Its not only the MESA-nostra that controls Middle Eastern studies in the US, its not only that creatures like Tariq Ramadan are permitted to spread their poison in Britain’s honored institutions of higher learning,  the John Esposito’s in Georgetown university who are all cashed up to confuse, to undermine and to prepare the ground for the spread of Islam.

The unholy alliance of left wing lunatics with totalitarian Islam attracts many, one of them an Italian professor, an ‘expert’ who tells us that ‘Jihad is nothing but inner struggle:’ 

“Western definition of “jihad” must be corrected — Italian expert,from the Kuwait National News Agency:

KUWAIT, March 29 (KUNA) — The definitions of “jihad” and “holy war” as presented by Western media need to be corrected if a true and undistorted image of Islam is be presented to the world, said Italian professor of Islamic culture Valeria Paicentini on Thursday. Speaking to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), the visiting professor said, “Our media is distorting a lot Islam’s aspects and features … and this misunderstanding media has created can only be countered by looking closely at the true meanings of such terms as ‘jihad’ and ‘holy war’ in Islam.” It is a common misconception that “jihad” means “military action”, when in fact it translates to “effort” of which just one aspect is to do with taking action to defend oneself, she said.
The best way for Muslims to clear up this “misconception” would be for them to act upon the definition of jihad as spiritual struggle, and to take steps to counter actively the Muslims all over the world who are acting upon the “misconception” that jihad involves warfare against unbelievers.

Ironically, she said, “holy war” was a term introduced by the Vatican to “counter the Islamic wave” it feared would spread throughout Europe.

Sure. The Vatican invented those statements of Muhammad about fighting unbelievers until they convert or submit, and until Islam is dominant in the world.

Fortunately we have Sheik Yousef Al-Quaradwi’s statement here, who doesn’t beat around the bush and tell’s it how it is:

Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi: “Civil Jihad” Won’t Abrogate Military Jihad 


At the fifth conference of the International Al-Quds Institute, held in Algeria, institute head Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi was asked whether his recent call for “civil jihad” in Palestine would influence people to give up the original jihad.

Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi answered, “We are not abolishing the military jihad with the civil jihad, but appropriate statements must be made in the appropriate setting. In another place I call for military jihad and even for martyrdom operations. In the eyes of some people, my blood is permitted because of this. But at the Al-Quds Institute, I call for civil jihad.”

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  1. The best way to redefine the word “jihad’ is if that “vast majority of peaceful Muslims” brands that “tiny minority of jihadist misunderstanders” as apostates. We can then call the troublemakers “the apostates”. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for this to happen. If it hasn’t happened in 1400 years it most likely will never happen.

  2. Not a chance. Jihad is the ‘pinnacle’ of Islam.

    Without it, there is nothing left of the doctrine.
    The radicals have the scriptures on their side and the so-called moderates haven’t got a leg to stand on…

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