The Saudi’s, Israel & Friends like This…

The Slime & the Crime:


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, center-left, is greeted by Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, center-right, on his arrival at the airport in Riyadh, Saturday.

Our World: Israel’s man in Mecca by Caroline Glick

The Saudi plan includes two stages. In the first stage, Israel divests itself of defensible borders by surrendering the Golan Heights, Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. It also allows itself to become inundated with millions of hostile foreign-born Arabs who call themselves Palestinian refugees.

After Israel completes these tasks, the Arab world will agree to sign peace agreements with Israel and have “normal,” (but not diplomatic), relations with the indefensible Jewish state. Given that it was acceded to by such terror states as Syria, Libya, Sudan and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, it should surprise no one that the Saudi plan included no mention of the need to end terrorism, incitement or jihadist indoctrination and violence in its pledge to have normal ties with Israel.


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  1. Given the current worthless government Israel is afflicted with this plan might actually be implemented.

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