The UN: A corrupt and corrupting organization

“In a sane world, the UN would be expelling Iran from the UN…” – Robert Spencer

Another superb piece by the scholarly Hugh Fitzgerald


The workings of the U.N. are morally unacceptable. It is a corrupt and corrupting organization. It should be mocked and belittled at every turn. And it should be seen for exactly what it is: something that started out with high hopes, and with intelligent representatives of the advanced world in charge. It became something different, over time, to end up, as it now has, as a semi-succursale of the Arab League.

It is absurd to put faith, or waste much time, on an organization that is mostly in the hands of the very people, or perhaps it is fairer to say has its hands always tied by the very people, who are the carriers of the menace of Jihad. For any informed observer knows by now that that Jihad involves a worldwide and world-without-end campaign to make the whole world a place, slowly but surely, where Islam dominates everywhere, and everywhere, ultimately, Muslims rule.


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4 thoughts on “The UN: A corrupt and corrupting organization”

  1. The UN are the biggest corrupt shower of wankers in the world, all the UN are doing is playing the part in helping the Muslims out to dominate the world. The way it is gon with that UN now, it wouldn’t surprise me if UN was an Islamic organization itself!

  2. Ironic how the UN was founded to fight fascism. Nowadays, it does the bidding of the Fascists’ Meccan soulmates. I wish the US would kick it out of New York already-I’m tired of paying taxes to fund that international toilet and having the worst scum (Ahemanutjob, Chavez, Arafatpig, Castro, etc) show up and get taxpayer funded protection while making anti-Western speeches. Put the damn UN in the Bermuda Triangle-maybe all that scum can vanish without a trace.

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