Two more women assaulted by ‘Asian’ taxi drivers

Sure they were Buddhists and Hindu’s. Or ‘fundamentalist Christians’…

But make sure you don’t mention the ‘RoP’- because all religions are equally bad.

But which religion teaches that infidel women are ‘war-booty?’

From the ‘peecee-is-killing-us-department’

TWO more Adelaide women have told police they were sexually assaulted by taxi drivers.

A 19-year-old woman said she was sexually assaulted by a taxi driver at Bedford Park in Adelaide’s south about 3.15am (CDT) today, a police spokesman said.

The allegation came after a similar complaint against a taxi driver by a woman who caught a cab from Adelaide to south suburban Blackforest early on Sunday.

Both women described the taxi driver as of Asian appearance.

Last week, police revealed they were examining 58 reports of alleged indecent or sexual assault on passengers by taxi drivers.

Police said of the 58 allegations, 12 had been determined to be inappropriate behaviour.

The spate of assaults has prompted the fitting of dashboard stickers in all South Australian taxis displaying driver registration numbers.

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10 thoughts on “Two more women assaulted by ‘Asian’ taxi drivers”

  1. Asians are getting a bad rap when the media keeps referring to the creeps as “Asians”. Real Asians should start demanding an end to such misleading labels. They are MUSLIMS. MUSLIMS! See, it’s easy to use the right label for the most troublesome of “people”.

  2. More here.Great!!
    Rudd’s Islamophobia

    Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali has accused Labor leader Kevin Rudd of Islamophobia.

    The outspoken and often controversial Sydney-based Sheik says his plans for a new political party will go ahead, despite opposition from Mr Rudd, who believes Australians won’t vote for a man who defends gang rapists and denigrates Australian women.

    Sheik Hilaly claims Mr Rudd’s comments show Labor is worried and although the Peace Party is his vision, he’d only be the figurehead when it launches.

    “Peace Party” sure!

  3. Labour, don’t trust them, never will. The only hope is that Rudd is a devout christian and that may give him some insight into the threat that’s growing here. If he hinted on an immigration ban on islam, he’d be a shoe in at the next election, even I’d vote labour in that situation.

  4. Savitch,
    many on the Herald Sun ‘blog pertaining to what I posted are saying the same. Any party that stops immigration of this nature would be a shoe-in!
    It would be good if this became a bi-partisan issue,,yes I know,,inlikely.

    (Since I live in Victoria and am doing the “4 buckets of shower water down the stairs every day” routine I am also against further immigration purely on the basis of lack of water, let alone terrorism and sharia law. I heard Victoria is taking 1000 new “Victorians” every week. How on earth can we ever have enough water? But I digress,,,)

  5. Oh how I yearn for the good old days when driving a taxi was an enviable occupation in a society that had a great blend of diversity, where respect for one’s differences was appreciated. Oh how those days are long past as we’ve allowed an alien creed of savages into our world creating this intolerable situation where one’s belief is the reason/excuse to commit insidious and barbarous crimes…

  6. Guys
    I have also had a few non-muslim drivers. Jaw-dropping stuff
    Have instructed family and friends never to discuss religion if they get a muslim driver. Also, have you noticed that many do not even display ID cards?? makes me very suspicious!

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