300.000 Secular Turks protest Turkish Government


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A protester holds a placard showing a bulb, the symbol of the ruling AK Party, wrapped with a black chador during a rally to oppose the AK Party’s presidential candidate in Istanbul April 29, 2007. Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul refused on Sunday to withdraw from Turkey’s presidential vote, ignoring pressure from the army and calls from tens of thousands of demonstrators worried about his Islamist past. Placard reads “We are aware of danger”. REUTERS/Osman Orsal (TURKEY)

UPDATE at 4/29/07 8:
The article above seriously understates the attendance at this rally; there were more than a million people.


* The original headline reads ‘Thousands Protest Turkish Government”- Why would AFP be interested to belittle such an event?


From correspondents in Istanbul/With thanks to Gramfan

Article from: Agence France-Presse
AT least 300,000 secular Turks waving the red national flag flooded central Istanbul to demand the resignation of the pro-Islamic government.

The second large anti-government demonstration in two weeks, it followed a sharp rise in tension between Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the country’s powerful pro-secular military, which accuses the government of tolerating the activities of radical Islamic circles.


“Turkey is secular and will remain secular,” shouted thousands of flag-waving protesters, who travelled to Istanbul from across the country overnight.


The demonstrators sang nationalist songs and demanded the resignation of the government, calling Mr Erdogan a traitor.


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* Some in Turkey smell the coffee

“They want to drag Turkey to the dark ages,” said 63-year-old Ahmet Yurdakul, a retired government employee who attended the protest.

More than 300,000 people took part in a similar rally in Ankara two weeks ago.

Sunday’s crowd chanted that the presidential palace was “closed to imams.”

Some said Parliament Speaker Bulent Arinc was an enemy of the secular system, because he said the next president should be “pious.”

In the 1920s, with the Ottoman Empire in ruins, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk imposed Western laws, replaced Arabic script with the Latin alphabet, banned Islamic dress and granted women the right to vote.

The ruling party, however, has supported religious schools and tried to lift the ban on Islamic head scarves in public offices and schools. Secularists are also uncomfortable with the idea of Gul’s wife, Hayrunisa, being in the presidential palace because she wears the traditional Muslim head scarf.

“We don’t want a covered woman in Ataturk’s presidential palace,” said Ayse Bari, a 67-year-old housewife. “We want civilized, modern people there.”

The military, one of the most respected institutions in Turkey, regards itself as the guardian of the secular system and has staged three coups since 1960.

“Neither Sharia, nor coup but fully democratic Turkey,” read a banner carried by a demonstrator on Sunday.


Associated Press Writer Selcan Hacaoglu in Ankara contributed to this rep


Turkey: Four street evangelists jailed
Even as hundreds of thousands demonstrate in favor of secular government in Turkey, the Turkish government again demonstrates that it is not interested in according all religious groups equality of rights.

“Turkey: Four Street Evangelists Jailed,” from Compass Direct:

* Even as hundreds of thousands demonstrate in favor of secular government in Turkey, the Turkish government again demonstrates that it is not interested in according all religious groups equality of rights. 
ISTANBUL, April 27 (Compass Direct News) – Police jailed four Christian street evangelists in Istanbul for “missionary activity” this week, even as government officials openly defended the right of all religious groups to carry out evangelistic work in Turkey.
Officials released U.S. citizen David Byle this evening, more than 48 hours after he was arrested along with a Korean and two Turkish Christians, his wife said.

Christian sources maintained that Turkey plans to deport the Korean believer, though further details remain unknown.

The four men were detained Wednesday afternoon (April 25) while sharing their Christian faith with passersby at a park in Istanbul’s Taksim district.

Speaking earlier to Compass from his detention cell at the new foreigners branch of the Turkish security police in Kumkapi, Byle said that an official police report charged the evangelists with missionary activity, disturbing the peace and insulting Islam.


Turk Hypocrisy


Language Requirement ‘Against Human Rights’


* Yes. Because Turks know all about ‘ human rights’ and how these ‘rights’ can be twisted and turned to suit them. Not that they would dream about implementing some reciprocal ‘rights’- No. When dealing with those of the Muhammedan persuasion ‘Rights’ quickly become a one way street:


Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül has criticized the new German immigration bill which requires spouses coming to Germany to have a basic level of German.

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül has criticized a new German immigration law which requires spouses to have a certain level of German before they are allowed into the country. He also emphasized that Turkish entry into the EU is not automatic and that Europe shouldn’t fear Turkey.

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül has criticized the new German immigration bill which requires spouses coming to Germany to have a basic level of German.

Turkey has criticized a German draft immigration law which stipulates that if spouses wish to join their partners in Germany they have to possess a basic proficiency in the German language.

In an interview in Thursday’s Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper the Turkish foreign minister, Abdullah Gül, said “I wish that all Turks in Germany could speak German. But making it compulsory is against human rights. And it doesn’t solve the problem.”

The German cabinet approved the new immigration bill in March, but it still has to be approved by the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament. Among other measures, the law stipulates that in the case of immigrating spouses, the person coming to Germany must be at least 18 years old and be able to speak at least basic German. The government says it wants to improve the integration of foreigners, while also attempting to reduce the number of forced and fake marriages.

Read it all***

In other News: Al Reuters

Afghanis protest US-led raids

THOUSANDS of Afghanis, some shouting “Death to America” and carrying shrouded bodies, protested in the east after up to six people were killed during a raid by US-led coalition forces.

They felled trees to block a road and vowed not to bury the bloodstained bodies until those responsible were punished and villagers detained after the incident were freed.

Nangahar province police spokesman Abdul Ghafur said the six dead were civilians, including three women, but the US military said four of those killed were Taliban fighters and a woman and a teenage girl died in crossfire.

Neighbours in the protest said five people died, including two women, with only a young girl surviving from the family.

The Sunday morning raid had targeted a car bomb-making cell near the provincial capital, Jalalabad.

“We are saddened at the loss of civilian life,” Major Chris Belcher said. “It is extremely unfortunate that militants put others’ lives in danger by hiding among their families.”

The incident occurred in the area where US Marines killed several civilians in March, opening fire after their convoy was attacked by a suicide car bomber. Those deaths also sparked angry protests and the unit’s early recall.


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Saudi Professor Calls for “Positive Hatred” of Christians

Palestinian-Kuwaiti Sheik promises Heavenly Rewards for Martyrs

needs YOU to blow yourself up for Allah:

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  1. Saudi Professor Calls for “Positive Hatred” of Christians

    Islam goes beyond hatred of Christians; it rejects Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten son, the only mediator between God and man. In doing so, Islam is doomed, as are its followers, no matter how many virgins they think they will attain in their counterfeit paradise.

    e.g. the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque in NSW contains the following blasphemy:
    At the centre of the dome the phrase Allah-u Akbar is inscribed. It means, “God is the Greatest”. Around this phrase is inscribed one of the shortest Chapters in the Qur’an, Al-Ikhlas (The Purity) meaning “Say, He is God, the One and Only. He is the Self-Sufficient Master. He begets not, nor was He begotten. And there is non co-equal or comparable unto Him.” (Qur’an 112:1-4). http://www.gallipolimosque.org.au/index.php?s=2&ss=1

    John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    JIHAD – Just Islamic Hatred And Death – but an exercise in futility.

  2. I have no problem with muslims bashing their heads on the mosque floor chanting allahu akbar, if only they would keep it to themselves. One of my work mates is an Indonesian muslim and I planted a seed with the question, “why do you chant in Arabic when you are Indonesian?” The answer was a blurry excuse about the beauty of the Arab language. So I stated the obvious to him, “but your language is your culture, brother, it smacks of Arabian imperialism to pray in Arabic”. He’s a bit of a fundy as any talk defaming his rapist prophet is a no go zone, the shutters go straight up but the wall is being chipped away…

  3. “We are saddened at the loss of civilian life,” Major Chris Belcher said. “It is extremely unfortunate that militants put others’ lives in danger by hiding among their families.”

    Well. well. well, the military has atlast learned how to respond to “only civilians were killed”.

  4. As I suspected and indicated in my previous post, the American military has decided to stop the “touchy feely and sensitive” approach to warfare, and get on with what it does best and is actually paid to do – search and destroy.

    Great stuff here

    US aircrews show Taliban no mercy
    By Gethin Chamberlain in Kandahar, Sunday Telegraph
    Last Updated: 1:17am BST 29/04/2007

    Caught in the middle of the Helmand river, the fleeing Taliban were paddling their boat back to shore for dear life.

    Smoke from the ambush they had just sprung on American special forces still hung in the air, but their attention was fixed on the two helicopter gunships that had appeared above them as their leader, the tallest man in the group, struggled to pull what appeared to be a burqa over his head.
    As the boat reached the shore, Captain Larry Staley tilted the nose of the lead Apache gunship downwards into a dive. One of the men turned to face the helicopter and sank to his knees. Capt Staley’s gunner pressed the trigger and the man disappeared in a cloud of smoke and dust.

    Not surprisingly, the Apache assaults have forced the Taliban to adopt a lower profile. For the coalition to continue to be successful, commanders must hope that the Taliban do not get their hands on the weaponry that has made life so perilous for pilots in Iraq, where more than 50 helicopters have been shot down since the start of the war.

    But for now, the American airmen are not losing any sleep over it. “When you are on top of the enemy you look, shoot and it’s, ‘You die, you die, you die’,” Lt Denton said.

    “The odds are on our side. I really enjoy it. I told my wife, if I could come home every night then this would be the perfect job.”




    Moral: One does not negotiate or conduct a dialogue with an enemy that has made plain his desire to utterly destroy our civilisation.

  5. So what has changed in Turkey to give sway to an Islamic party? Has the population of radical muslims increased relative to secular muslims, or has Turkey just failed to police radical/sharia ideas?

  6. SHEIßTÜRKEN!!!!!! They LIE at evrry step of the way. They are nothing but filthy thieving rug salesmen.

    Trust the Turk at YOUR peril. Germany is SO dumb to have let even a single on of them into our beautiful lands. They are a plague upon the Continent.

  7. I found it at LGF:

    Mark Steyn, April 17, 2007:

    “only Michel Gurfinkiel’s recent analysis in Commentary got to the underlying reality: Since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, there have been two Turkeys: the Turks of Rumelia, or European Turkey, and the Turks of Anatolia, or Asia Minor. Kemal Ataturk was from Rumelia and so were most of his supporters, and they imposed the modern Turkish Republic on a somewhat relunctant Anatolia, where Ataturk’s distinction between the state and Islam was never accepted. In its 80-year history, the population has increased from 14 million in 1923 to 70 million today, but the vast bulk of that population growth has come from Anatolia, whose population has migrated from the rural hinterland to overwhelm the once solidly Kemalist cities. Ataturk’s modern secular Turkey has simply been outbred by fiercely Islamic Turkey. That’s a lesson in demography from an all-Muslim sample: no pasty white blokes were involved. So the fact that Muslim fertility is declining in Tunisia is no consolation: all that will do, as in Turkey, is remove moderate Muslims from the equation too early in the game.”


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