Australia: Soccer Video Jihad

Richard Kerbaj- The Australian

Jihad hymn in youth group’s soccer video

A VIDEO posted on a hardline Islamic website to promote a soccer tournament in western Sydney has outraged Muslim leaders by featuring an Arabic song often used by al-Qa’ida to promote jihad.
The song calls on militants to “exterminate” non-believers and make them “hear the tunes of death”.

The video is used by the Global Islamic Youth Centre, headed by radical cleric Faiz Mohamad, who has praised jihadists and compared Jews to pigs. It plays the jihad tune, which also says “we shall go to heaven fearing no death”, to images of local and international soccer players displaying their skills.

Bomb explosions and missiles launching form part of the music in the clip promoting the Liverpool Youth Cup.

“With the swords we shall exterminate the infidels and death is the desire of the pure,” one translated verse says.

With jihad the banners of the evident victory shall rise high.

“We shall go to heaven fearing no death. We shall not waver … we are the cubs of the victorious conquerors.”


Senior Muslim leader Ameer Ali attacked the seemingly “hidden agenda” of the video, which was pulled down by GIYC yesterday afternoon following The Weekend Australian’s inquiry.

“I’m worried and I am concerned there is a hidden message behind this soccer tournament (promotion),” said the former chairman of John Howard’s Muslim reference board.

* ‘A hidden message?’ Hahahaa! Killing infidels is hardly a ‘hidden message’- its all over the Koran and a commandment for every believing muslim…

“This sort of message should be avoided. Why bring controversy into a sports match? Sport promotes co-operation, friendliness – that’s what you expect from sport.”

* Right Ali, we don’t want to wake the sleeping infidel dogs up. We can do the jihad quietly by demographics, by simply outbreeding the infidels, right Ali?

Prominent Sydney-based cleric Khalil Shami also condemned the video, saying it was wrong to conflate sporting images and “fighting”.

He attacked the fundamentalist GIYC for further damaging the Muslim community’s standing in the eyes of mainstream Australia. “I don’t know how they are driving this community – they drive it in a very, very bad way,” said the imam at Penshurst mosque in Sydney’s southwest. “It’s not fair for the community. Why mix sport with the fighting? Why?”

GIYC’s president, Zunaid Moosa, yesterday told The Weekend Australian that he was unaware of what the song meant because he didn’t speak Arabic.

* Google ‘Zunaid Moosa’ and you’ll   instantly find that he is a soulmate of the notorious Feiz Mohammed who recently made headlines with ‘undercover mosque’ calling on young Muslims to wage violent jihad and called infidels and Jews ‘descendants of apes and swine’ …

Feiz Mohammed here: 


He said Islamic songs were often chosen for video-clips based on their “catchy” tune, and denied having anything to do with the production of the clip.

“Often a lot of anasheed (Islamic vocal music) we got no idea (about) because we are not Arabic-speaking people,” he said.

“It would just be more of a tempo of the beat and a catchy type tune, that’s all.”

A list of sponsors on the soccer clip includes charity group Human Appeal International and Krispy Kreme Donuts.

A spokesman yesterday said HAI was not aware that GIYC had any political agendas when it agreed to sponsor the event.

But a spokeswoman for Krispy Kreme denied the organisation had sponsored the soccer tournament and said she would take the matter up with GIYC.

* Google ‘Ameer Ali’ and you’ll quickly find out that he is quite wrongly perceived as a ‘moderate’- A typical line:

Muslim leader Ameer Ali defined mujaheddin as “people who defend their country against injustices”, especially when praised in the context of places such as Iraq and the Palestinian territories ..”

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  1. Zunaid Moosa: “I don’t speak Arabic”
    HAI: “We see nothink”
    John Howard: “Treat it as a joke”
    Mick Keelty: “It’s a question of governance”
    Philip Ruddock: “I’ll hold a news conference”
    Keysar Trad: “……..”

    Anasheed Balls!

  2. This is the tactic msulims use to atttack infidels. They will cheat people in this manner until they finish converting all non believers. The bad thing is that all non believers do not understand this and they still treat muslims as good people. But this is not the case, all muslims are like Bin Laden.

  3. “Human Appeal International”

    I can’t read Arabic, but I assume the HAI logo designer can.

    Ramadan Projects, Zakat money, Zakat Al Fitr, Eid Clothing, Feed Fasting,
    Qurban (Sacrifice) Project etc, with a PO Box in Lakemba. 🙂

    “By raising community awareness and helping the Muslims fulfil their Islamic duty we hope to obtain the pleasure of Allah (SWT).”

    Safe Working Tonnage?

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