Australia: The Perversion of Justice


* Rape victim, Rapist, Catmeat mufti:

Incitement, moral and ideological support for rape of infidel women.

Ian Moore: Court frets about the rapist, not his victim

The state’s ability to bring criminals to justice has been harmed

Ian Moore, with thanks to the Australian

THE decision of the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal in finding that senior prosecutor Margaret Cunneen should be removed from the retrial of a convicted rapist has, if nothing else, illustrated the prescience of her remarks to law students at Newcastle University in 2005.
In her Sir Ninian Stephen lecture, Cunneen questioned whether courts had become obsessed with the rights of the accused at the cost of the rights of the victim. She cited examples in establishing her thesis, including technicalities used by defence lawyers that had resulted in a number of retrials. Her point was that the technicalities flew in the face of the weight of evidence against the accused. She also spoke to students about the admissibility of evidence in a series of brutal gang rapes perpetrated by young Muslims in southwestern Sydney, which she prosecuted.
“Perhaps it is time for us to consider whether public confidence in the courts is now being eroded by the perception that the pendulum has swung rather too far in the direction of the protection of the rights of the accused person,” Cunneen said.

The decision of the appeal court has shown just how far it has swung. While the decision may be applauded in legal circles as an example of the impartiality of the judicial system, in the court of common sense it has done nothing to serve the course of justice and has impugned the reputation of one of NSW’s leading prosecutors.

Cunneen was the prosecutor appointed to the retrial of a rapist known as MG, who had been convicted of two other rapes and is serving 15 years in prison along with the notorious Bilal Skaf. Defence lawyers applied to prevent Cunneen from prosecuting in the retrial because they believed her comments to students in 2005 regarding evidence against MG indicated she was biased against their client.

The appeal court upheld the application, with a non-publication order on the decision until the conclusion of the retrial.

So let us analyse the consequences of this decision:

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Piers Akerman, one of Australia’s best-read columnists is also onto it:

Alan Jones debacle mocks justice


THERE is something seriously wrong with a justice system that favors known criminals aged under 18 but goes heavy on upright citizens.

The self-acclaimed leaders of the media, who will be out in force to tut-tut over incursions on press freedom tomorrow night at a dinner to be addressed by Jonestown author Chris Masters, have kept their mouths smugly shut.

They only want freedom for their speech, not that which challenges their politically correct vision of how the world should be.

Jones was found guilty under a rarely used law designed to protect innocent young victims of crime and children involved in criminal activities. The section of the Children (Criminal Proceedings) Act holds: It shall be conclusively presumed that no child who is under the age of 10 years can be guilty of an offence.

That Act defines a child as a person under the age of 18. Tell that to the train drivers who had a brick thrown at the front of their train, or try convincing a victim of the mobs now ruling George St, that those responsible for bashing them cannot be guilty because they were too young.

The law against publishing is even more ridiculous, prohibiting naming individuals even when they are dead at the time of publication or broadcast.

It means, as one legal eagle has said, that should the premier of NSW have a child murdered by al-Qaeda, that child’s identity could not be disclosed by the press during any subsequent court action.

Jones’ case involved members of a large Pakistani Muslim family, four of whom are convicted gang rapists and their late father was facing perjury charges when he died.

The court heard that on April 10, 2004, a car thumping with loud music and bearing the number plate “ON DOLE” attracted some rude gestures from passengers in a taxi. The driver cut the taxi off at the next lights and at least two people got out and attacked the taxi and its occupants.

One of them, who later claimed to be 14 years old, used a metal pipe.

The taxi driver attempted to defend himself and struck out with a screwdriver, hitting one of the assailants, who later died.

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War booty and the rape of infidel women

20 thoughts on “Australia: The Perversion of Justice”

  1. The bleating from the Law Society isn’t much help,talk is cheap.
    Cowdery was blustering from his office about appealing the decision but in the end he decided against it.
    So,could someone please explain to my daughter how a GANG RAPIST gets off on a technicality and prove to her how Justice is being served.
    Also about BIAS.
    Its OK for the defence to accuse my daughter of having ORGASMS during the RAPES with NO evidence what so ever?
    A tactic to sow doubt in the Jurists minds so that they think it was consensual sex and not rape.
    Inadmissible evidence is a crock.
    Well Bob Debus did fill our courts with LEFT wing Judges.
    Nothing will change,in fact it will only get worse…
    Thanks to all the people of NSW voting Labor back in.Can you immagine what will happen Federally if they get in there?
    Welcome to the New World all.
    Well any lawyers out there willing to explain to me how fantastic this is?How Justice has been served?
    Just as I thought.

  2. D.T, my heart goes out to you. I was a Police Officer, but no longer because of the the Justice system and how these lawyers ‘find’ loopholes to get criminals off. They have no morals.

  3. “chiz the infidel Says:

    April 25th, 2007 at 11:54 am
    how do these scum bag lawyers sleep at night? ”

    Probably very well in expensive houses and expensive sheets.

    They are probably getting paid a fortune and it would be great to be able to follow the money trail in cases like this.
    I am guessing they, the perpetrators, take up collections for this kind of thing. I repeat – guessing.

    are there any victims’ groups where you are? An Ombudsman? The Legal Society?

    I have always seen rape as a crime of violence and humiliation, not a sex crime. “Orgasms”? Under those conditions? Unbelievable they were even mentioned.

  4. Hope Labour does not get in federally also.

    I just found this link from the ABC about Murdoch.I can’t see how he could support krudd unless krudd does something about immigration and”dhimmitude”.

    some excerpts:

    “Mr Murdoch has also lamented a US populace that he says cannot agree on how serious a threat militant Islam is and suggested skepticism about the danger of man-made global warning. ”


    “But Mr Murdoch says “alleged climate changes” and other problems are far more manageable than is the threat of Islamic terror, which will worsen significantly if Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons. ”

    That is exactly how I feel!

  5. Gramfan, I spoke to the Law Society President about three years ago and he just gave me the legal view of the tactics employed by the defence and said to me that if I had any issues about the behaviour then I was to write a letter of complaint to the Commision.He then proceeded to brush me off on the legal propaganda until I told him that I didn’t believe a word he said then he told me that there is no use trying to get any sense from me and that he was just wasting his time speaking to me so he proceeded to hang up.
    The legal fraternity just treat any outsiders with TOTAL and utter contempt.
    It was even worse when I finally got onto someone from the Commission to ask what was going on about the letter John Marsden and Chris Murphy wrote to get Margaret Cunneen disbarred.Just more tripe from them until I mentioned that the public should ELECT Judges. Well, didn’t I get the third degree after that.
    I have spoken to Howard Brown from V.O.C.A.L and he didn’t really seem interested.Mind you if you go to their web site they give you a very good idea how the courts REALLY work.
    Here is a link
    Check the chart they have on victims rights compared to defendants rights in a court of law and you will be angry.

  6. There’s no chance Iran will get their bomb, Israel will rightfully strike before the iron is hot and then we’ll see once again the ugly face of islam around the world winding itself up into a frenzy that will jolt some of the head in the sand types out of their stupor but, police will opt for the easy route providing protection for muslims, government talking heads will call for calm, and journalists will continue their bias bullshit. We’ll simply move into another phase where nothing really changes just more and more people on tender hooks. In the meantime criminals of all persuasion will be mollycoddled to keep the courts and prisons from clogging up and grinding the ‘system’ to a halt. Don’t you just love political correctness and multiculturalism???

  7. D.T.

    I am trying to imagine how powerless you must feel.
    It is not a nice place to be. We all know where this “muslim” situation may lead, but you have had a first-hand experience and it has been appalling for you and your family.

    It is truly frightening when we know the government will do nothing to help any of us, let alone victims like your daughter.

    There are very few in the media we can trust as Sheik’s case has shown. Feminist groups are hopeless also.
    I don’t know where we can go from here.

  8. Where we go from here?

    We will keep doing what we are doing. Rubbing their noses in it. The internet is the way. Very soon we will have a 24 hour internet radio, stay tuned.

    If youtube goes for censorship, other organizations will make the incriminating video clips available. The MSM is already discredited enough, soon nobody will even bother to buy the papers that don’t report the unpleasant truth. There are many ways to skin a cat and catmeat was never on the menu in Australia.

  9. Sheik,
    I agree with that. Have had some exchanges with Foehammer on this topic. We think the internet will be the way to go also.

    We need to keep one step ahead of all the loonies, keep the networks going and use MSM ‘blogs wherever possible to get the word out.
    I believe many people have a good idea of what is going on. But those of us who create and post on ‘blogs are still in the minority.

    I think this is the right link:

  10. You can get off anything if you have the right ‘crooked’ lawyer and lots of moola – just remember that murderer OJ Simpson…

    Lawyers are not doctors -Lawyers are not interested in helping people… they are more interested winning those ‘impossible’ cases (where the defendant is guilty, but they get them off), and showing off to their colleagues that they have won… Won what? Nothing actually, except showing that they are immoral and sneaky and unjust…

    And where do these rapist animals get the money from to pull these Lawyer jerks in… Govt. handouts or ambitious Lawyer creeps doing pro-bono for the limelight…

    Lawyers (or the crooked ones) suck!

  11. D.T.

    Can you get a transcript? I have checked out the NSW Court of Appeal and couldn’t find it. Perhaps I didn’t have enough info, although I put Kinneen’s name in.

  12. DT: First and foremost my deepest condolences. My heart goes out to you. No doubt what has happened is a disgrace.

    To the rest of you, I love how you point to the religion Islam as the cause of such a disgusting act.

    Rapists are rapists. You don’t become one because of your religion, nor do you become one if you convert to Islam. You’re a bunch of Islamaphobes.

    You do realise under Islamic Law, rape is punishable by death? I don’t understand given this information, how your brains could still logically deduce that Islam is the reason for these rapes occuring.

    Wake up.

  13. Rapes are “booty” in Islam are they not Antony Maait ? Mohammed did this.

    “Rapists are rapists.” Yes.
    If you know you can get away with it would that not encorage some to commit this crime? Possibly.

    When the Pakistani rapists were first in court they argued that rape was ok, because it was ok in Pakistan.It was a cultural thing.

    Maybe rape is punishable by death under islamic law but from what I have read it is the woman who is often put to death. She must have 4 witnesses to prove the rape. Not many rapist’s friends are going to testify against the rapist. Under sharia a thief has his hands cut off.
    How many men have lost their “family jewels”?
    Please post a link if you have one.

    Honour killings and stonings all over the world. How many men have suffered this as a result of being a rapist?

    If islamic law has many good points why do we not see it in action?

    Why didn’t some mufti come out and condemn these boys who raped D.T.’s daughter? Why were they not ostracised from the islamic community?

    Oh,, I forgot. Hilali says it is the woman’s fault. Maybe in a country where everyone is burka-clad: not here!

    What you have posted is confusing to say the least.

  14. A poster above, a suspected Muhammed worshipper under false flag, claims “that he loves how you point to the religion Islam as the cause of such a disgusting act’- those who remember this particular court case know that the rapist claimed that according to Islamic teachings all infidel women are whores and therefore ‘deserve to be’ raped.

    Catmeat Sheik Hilali and many others so-called imam’s gave their blessing, not just once, many times.

    The poster further calls posters here ‘a bunch of Islamaphobes’-, which would make him either a ‘Christianophobe’ or a ‘Judeophobe’- which one is it? Both?

    Will the Judeo-Christianophobic poster post the relevant Koran sura’s that make rape of infidel women ‘punishable by death?’- We are looking forward to that!

    The poster is of course invited to read the above link re war booty and the rape of infidel women. We should also remind the poster that Muhammed himself was a serial rapist (Safiyah/Mariyah come to mind) and encouraged the rape of captured non-believing women, he even glorified it.

    So why does the poster come onto this site spreading falsehood? What is his motive?

    Inquiring minds would like to know…

  15. two thoughts – but i will only post one of them since i am sure the other would be moderated and rejected… i will save that for another post i suppose.

    “Nuke ’em now or Nuke ’em later, but either way we will have to Nuke them because cancer is killed with radiation”.

    my heart goes out to the innocents that are being hurt by monsters barbarians and demons.

  16. Antony Maait, in the defense of Islam, writes: “You do realize under Islamic Law, rape is punishable by death?”

    So tell us why the rapist is still alive, Antony Maait.

    The fact that he only got off on a technicality suggests that he was definitely guilty. How about proclaiming a fatwa against him? And the other Muslim rapists.

    How on earth can the victim be accused of having orgasms whilst being raped! Unlike males, there can be no evidence whatsoever of orgasm. For the defence lawyers, and the rapists, to use such a dreadful tactic is utterly disgusting. Dishonours the entire legal profession.

    I truly hope that the defence lawyers wives/daughters/mothers suffer the same fate as D.T.’s daughter, courtesy of the same rapists.

  17. chiz the infidel Says:

    April 25th, 2007 at 11:54 am
    how do these scum bag lawyers sleep at night?

    Simple,….instead of counting sheep, they count their dollars.

  18. as a rape victim myself of a rape by muslims I can tell you now that the muslims hate any women in australia whom do not wear hijab and beleive that they are able to do whatever they want and their god will get them scot free off any trial, they hate westerners even though they came to our land to spread islam and make it so that they will take over (see uk channel 4 expose on mosques) on you tube is there to see evidence yourself
    they believe that they are superior to us in our own lands, that they have a right to harm infidel women, they believe that islam is going to take over australia, the way things are going, islam will rule australia within 15-20 yrs.
    Our governments in state and federal allow criticism of islam to be put in jail term ( preachers telling truth about islam jailed in victoria by islamic dhimmitude judge).
    Silence the opposers of islam this way and they will take over now. Governments in state and federal allow muslism to preach hate and murder in mosques and do nothing.
    In western australia there is one man alone in state security unit in perth-whom doesnt even speak arabic in wa police whom is totally and solely responsible for the investigation and monitor and prevention of islamic terrorism in wa- pathetic isnt it!!!
    please remember, australia was once a golden land of peace and equality.
    My husbands great uncle James Breen died on ship from gallipoli from wounds at gallipoli so we would be free of islamics now they came here and didnt have to fire a single shot.
    His other uncle James Heffernan died at gallipoli fighting the muslims. Their sacrifice has all been for nothing.
    It will be no more equality for women within 20 yrs we are going to be overthrown by muslims see it everywhere in world today
    It is NOW that we cannot speak out and educate people as the truth about islam or we go to jail.
    and our courts are making criticising islam outlawed.
    They the evil racist superemecist muslims use our laws against us. Our country is sufferring, our women are sufferring an australia will be a muslim land, just stand back and watch while our laws and governement let them do it helped by labor and left wing nutcases.
    going downhill when we allowed islamists into our lands.
    when lying abscene australian lawyers whom know that their clients are paying them well, will lie and introduce disgusting blame the victim bs in court it is no wonder we rape victms are too afraid to go to the police and face being destroyed in media and courtroom by well paid lawyers for the muslims. it is a truth our daughter and granddaughters will be ruled under islam and nothing we can do will work because the laws, the judges and politiicans are so far into left wing dhimmitude that they no longer care.

  19. AAG take a breath.I posted earlier but it didn’t post.My fault, so lets all relax.Iv’e done ALL I could through legal avenues since 2000.Lets not let TROLLS diverge our mission.
    Islamophobe: irrational fear of islam.From my research over a seven year period ‘irrational’ is apt?
    Any one disagree?

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