Canada Jihad: Montreal Muslims Charged With Firebombing Jewish Center

* Once again, it’s a total mystery where they might have learned such violent, murderous hatred.

The pair were arrested Thursday morning and questioned. The investigation did not turn up links to any terrorist or hate groups, said Constable Christian Emond, of the Montreal police fraud and arson squad.

Pair denied bail
Men charged with crimes targeting city’s Jewish community

The Gazette

Sue Montgomery
and Paul Cherry

Two Montreal men have been accused of a raft of attacks against the city’s Jewish community, including the firebombing of a Snowdon community centre that police are treating as a hate-related crime.


Omar Bulphred, 21, and Azim Ibragimov, 23, appeared briefly in Quebec Court on Friday to be arraigned on charges stemming from incidents that began last fall. Both were denied bail.


Perhaps the police investigators should watch some of these videos:



2 thoughts on “Canada Jihad: Montreal Muslims Charged With Firebombing Jewish Center”

  1. Wonderful to see how the peaceful ones transplant their peaceful ways in an infidel land with such ease. They must have thought they were right home in the ummah.

    Exile all filth of this kind!

  2. Yep, they just let the scum of the earth get away Scot free with shit like this, and noting is done! And yet ya would end up in court in the UK for having a cartoon of Mohammad pigs pee upon him! Sheik is dead right; the police should have a very good hard look at videos like this.

    Deport the filth, and have a ban on Muslim immigration before it is to late, critical mass and a full Islamization of the west is 100% guaranteed pure and simple if people don’t wake up and cop on soon. a video link about the heading towards critical mass and Islamization of Europe, and undercover work in Czech mosques, all on Czech TV,,+a+muslim&hl=en

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