Religion of Peace Bombs Casablanca

* Of course NOT. They are bombing only US diplomatic offices in Casablanca, and Al Reuters proudly reports that it is the ‘first such targeted bombing in the last four years’- oh well…


Moroccan security forces patrol the area near the US cultural center in Casablanca, 14 April 2007.

Two bombers attack U.S. targets in Morocco

CASABLANCA, Morocco (Reuters) – Two suicide bombers killed themselves in an attack on U.S. diplomatic offices in Morocco’s commercial hub Casablanca on Saturday in the first such targeted bombings in four years, witnesses said.

Police arrested a third bomber as he tried to flee the scene of the mid-morning attack on the U.S. cultural centre and the nearby U.S. consulate in an upscale district of the port city, where three suicide bombers blew themselves up four days ago.

“He threw down his explosives belt and ran away. Police chased him and caught him,” said the owner of a coffee shop in the neighborhood, who declined to be identified.

They also later arrested the leaders of the armed group to which the two suicide bombers and those responsible for Tuesday’s blasts belonged, a security official said.

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  1. On the good side we have a couple of dead losers. That’s the upside of suicide bombing.

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