Catmeat Sheikh: Sure, I Gave Money to Hizballah

Sure he did. Except when he didn’t. There is one truth for the mujaheddin (in Arabic) and another (in English) for the filthy kufars. But not to worry, Hilali is quite sure that nobody in Australia will take him to the cleaners over this, it works everytime.

Well, just about:

The Mufti of Australia, Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali, has actually admitted to the London based Arabic newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat that while on a recent trip to Lebanon, he gave money to the terrorist group Hizballah.

But hey! What’s the big deal? It was only 50 grand! They couldn’t even buy a quarter of a missile with that!

In response to criticism about funds he contributed to Hizbullah, Sheikh Taj al-Hilali, the controversial mufti of Australia and New Zealand, said that the amount he had carried with him to Lebanon did not exceed $50,000. This sum, he said, would not buy “a quarter of a missile owned by Hizbullah.”

Interesting that a religious leader seems to know the price of a Hizballah missile.


Here’s more from Richard Kerbaj in today’s Australian:

Cash worth just part of a missile: Hilali
Richard Kerbaj

THE nation’s top Muslim spiritual leader, Taj Din al-Hilali, has played down the controversy surrounding Australian-raised donations he handed out in Lebanon last year, saying the money would not buy a terrorist organisation a “quarter” of a missile.
Sheik Hilali confirmed that he ordered part of the donations to go towards an Islamic radio station which The Australian revealed this month belonged to a Lebanese political leader with alleged links to the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organisation.
The Egyptian-born cleric told the London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Alawsat on Tuesday that $70,000 raised by the Sydney-based Lebanese Muslim Association in conjunction with other Islamic groups last year would not buy Hezbollah a missile.

“The amount would not sum up to the cost of quarter of a missile owned by Hezbollah,” said Sheik Hilali, after citing the funds he handed out in Lebanon last November with LMA representative Sheik Yihya Safi.

The Arabic international daily says Sheik Hilali said he left money in the possession of Sheik Safi for the development of the Islamic Unity (al-Tawheed) radio station.

“I left Sheik Safi in Lebanon to further develop a radio station called al-Tawheed,” said the 66-year-old mufti of Australia.

This month, The Australian revealed that Sheik Hilali had given $US10,000 ($12,000) to an Islamic radio station in Lebanon run by political leader Bilal Shaaban who has alleged links to Hezbollah.

It was also revealed that Sheik Hilali had made the donation without the LMA’s knowledge.

The controversy has tarnished the image of the LMA.

* For heavens sake: Cut the crap! How can one ‘tarnish the image of the Mafia?’ 

It is now being investigated by the Australian Federal Police over the donations, which were earmarked for war victims but allegedly ended up in the wrong hands.

* Question: Will Police Commissioner Mick Keelty now get moving and take Hilali down?

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  1. This creature has to go. When I think of how many people he has helped to brainwash over all the years he has bludged off Australia, I get so angry. Really bl**dy angry.

  2. There may come a day when John Howard takes Hilali seriously, instead of telling us to treat him as a joke; there may come a day when Mick Keelty / AFP acts against Hilali, instead of dismissing his actions as a question of governance, but I suspect that we will pay a high price for official inaction before that day comes.

  3. PS – Keysar Trad has been noticeable by his absence lately; has he given up ventriloquisting for Hilali?

  4. Right. So a RPG can be brought in Sydney for less than $50,000. Hezbollah must be using gold plated missiles. Since Hezbollah is a client of Iran, I would suggest that they get their missiles for free. And how does hilali know much a missle costs anyway?

  5. Just another contribution to another Muslim charity. No big deal. I wonder where he gets all that money to donate-probably ripping off the taxpayers.

  6. Yeah Shiva, it is a crime but we’re talking about muslims remember?
    Start upsetting the muslim mafia here and certain corrupt people of influence in Australia could see the regular flow of brown envelopes from the middle east dry up.

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