Norwegian Muslim Cabbies Refusing to Carry Guide Dogs

It isn’t just in Minneapolis that Muslim taxi drivers are pushing an extremist agenda, and refusing to carry passengers with alcohol, or blind people with guide dogs. LGF reader Fjordman translates an article from Norway’s Aftenposten that shows the exact same agenda in Oslo.

Coincidence? Of course not.


Blind woman Gry Berg, accompanied by her guide dog, was denied entry into four taxis in the center of the city of Oslo, Norway, this March. Three of the drivers claimed that their unwillingness to accept her dog was due to allergy, while the fourth one simply locked the car doors and refused to give an explanation for why he wouldn’t let Ms. Berg into his cab.

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5 thoughts on “Norwegian Muslim Cabbies Refusing to Carry Guide Dogs”

  1. Has happened a couple of times here in UK too. In one case a cabbie refused a blind woman who had just done a show on BBC radio, and the BBC had called the cab for her. Been other cases too.

    Also read that such behaviour is not unknown in Oz too.

    They really are starting to feel their nuts aren’t they.

  2. Yes, these discriminating bigots tried to enforce their sharia here in Melbourne last year and the issue was quickly nipped in the bud. Drivers who refused to take guide dogs were reported and promptly counseled, drivers that insisted on discriminating against disabled people had their licenses revoked. Some 200 taxi driver licenses were canceled…

  3. Greetings from Dar al-Harbourtown.

    It has happened in Adelaide. The tolerant, religion-of-peace loving cabbie refused to carry the guide dog, lost his licence, and was fined. Now he wants his licence back.

    “Taxi driver Nariman Fathi has appealed to the court to be given back his taxi licence, after he was disqualified for three years for refusing to accept Mr Ellson and his dog in February, 2006.”,22606,21383238-2682,00.html

  4. Thank You Mullah Lodabullah, I’ve posted something similar at AdelaideNow but as for Oslo, let us hope they see sense.>
    It is blatant discrimination against the disabled, if the driver cannot accept the responsibilities of being a taxi driver where he’s suppose to provide an essential service to the public then he has absolutely no right holding a taxi license. The gall of this belligerent, intolerant, and stubborn, once and hopefully never to be again taxi driver to refuse the services of a taxi to such a person in need. What is the option? Walk? Public transport? Where is the empathy for such people who rely so heavily on the taxi service? There is no way this thing (driver) should be allowed to drive a taxi…

  5. That’s the kind of shit them Mohammedan freaks are going to give when they are in our countries. They should not be in our countries in the first place, not loan given jobs as taxi drivers, they should all be deported back to planet Islama shithole. As long as the west are going to be tolerant to intolerance, all we are going to get is intolerance in return.

    Speaking of Mohammedans in Norway, here’s a video of a Mujahadeen leader living in Norway, this man is one of the leaders of a Taliban stile regime, ansar al Islam in northern Iraq. The reporter in this video is on the stupid stupid side, and lacks a lot of knowledge on Islam and Mohammedan lying tactics.


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