US: Another Beslan in the making?


From WorldNet Daily 

Terrorists – coming to a school near you – Police ill-equipped to defend against an American Beslan


Authorities fear the school massacre that shook Russia a few years ago may be a dress rehearsal for what al-Qaida plans to do in America – only on a grander scale, launching multiple school attacks simultaneously across the country.

In 2004, Chechen terrorists associated with al-Qaida seized a school building in Beslan, Russia, and slaughtered 338, including 172 children.

Three years later, schools and local police in this country are still unprepared to deal with such an assault, experts warn. Most don’t have response plans for handling a single active shooter, let alone a cell of trained terrorists launching a large-scale attack.

Yet terror cells secreted inside America may be planning to use buses, as well as other vehicles and methods, as a Trojan horse to infiltrate school campuses and massacre students and teachers.

The FBI and Homeland Security Department last month distributed a bulletin to law enforcement across the country warning that Muslims with “ties to extremist groups” are signing up to be school bus drivers. They also noted “recent suspicious activity” by foreigners who either drive school buses or are licensed to drive them.

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

“The enemy is infiltrating us at all levels, and certainly school bus drivers are one area to look at,”
warned retired Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, president of Killology Research Group, an anti-terror consultancy that trains the FBI and other law enforcement. “And how about high school, middle school and elementary school cafeteria workers? Janitors? Delivery people?”

Grossman says some school district security officials he works with have expressed concerns about some of the Muslim employees schools are hiring.

“But no one dares profile them,” he told WND.

“Islamic terrorists are already in place in the U.S. and, yes, that includes bus drivers, cafeteria workers and also airport workers,” added Grossman, a former Army Ranger and West Point professor.

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  1. Thanks Darren.

    I listened to some of it and got the creeps.

    It is mind boggling that we allow such useful idiots among us to peddle such sanctimonious bullshit. I’m glad I wasn’t there…

  2. yeah, it was surreal, I felt like Alice at the mad hatters tea party. These guys hold events like that one on a regular basis, helping to spread Islam in Australia.

  3. It doesn’t get any worse than this; it is stupid lunatics like this are very detrimental to our freedom. Geraldine Doogue must be a mental loony patient form the loony bin. What makes me worry, we got a lot of loon’s and useful idiots

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