Zakir Naik & “Why media only project muslims as terrorist”?

“Every Muslim should be a terrorist”

Are we dealing with imbeciles?

Dr Zakir Naik on Non Muslims in a Muslim Country

The question nobody asked is ‘what is the value of an Islamic ‘Doctor’ title if it can be bestowed on halfwits like Zakir Naik?

One thought on “Zakir Naik & “Why media only project muslims as terrorist”?”

  1. The stupidity and insanity that comes out of that mans mouth is unbelievable! Ya wouldn’t know to laugh or get sick. They call Zakir Naik the show man, a showman for only sub humans, primitive backward apes, and s**t for brains. If his an Islamic doctor he must be an expert on Islamic medicine, like drinking piss if you don’t feel to well !

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