Al Jazzeera is ‘different’- ‘Diversity is more than skindeep’ (of course!)

Al Qaeda’s preferred propaganda channel: Mission statement here:

Al Jizzeera, the media wing of the Muslim Brotherhood and the global jihad, has been unable to get their slicked-up, sanitized English version (less open Jew hatred and fewer ranting imams) picked up by any major cable or satellite networks in the United States, so they’re sneaking in the back door.

Charles from LGF:

Now we have both the Council on American Islamic Relations and Al Jazeera heavily promoting and propagandizing on YouTube. Wonderful.

The trouble is that most of our own media whores are no better. Al Bebeeceera, CNN, AP and Reuters prove it to you every day.

Political correctness, appeasement, the obsession ‘not to offend’ , not to be ‘judgmental’- inability to reason, to differentiate, to discriminate and to apply non-negotiable values while asking the hard questions have long turned our news-reports into unfiltered enemy propaganda.

Since YouTube continues to host hundreds of jihadi videos, and since they have a ready-made audience of naïve and/or stupid young Westerners, it’s a good match: AlJazeera English.

If you can stomach it, here’s an example of their product, a blatant whitewash of the Australian “catmeat” sheik, Taj Al-Din Al-Hilali.

The interviewers questions are beyond parody. But you can watch the hate mongering catmeat mufti lie and dump one steaming pile of taqiyya after another on on this empty suit:


Muslim Millions Missing: Nearly Half a Billion Gone!

By Michael Madigan Courier Mail 

NEARLY half a billion dollars may have been spent on a the national plan to help assimilate Muslims into Australian society – but it is not clear exactly where the money has gone.

Queensland Labor senator Joe Ludwig questioned Immigration officials this week about the National Action Plan established after the July bombings in Britain in 2005.Immigration Department boss Andrew Metcalfe told a Senate estimates committee hearing the plan was sparked by concerns about how young people born in Britain to Muslim parents had become so detached from their own society as to murder fellow citizens.

Senator Ludwig said there had been recent speculation that as much as $461 million had been spent on programs including those helping Australian Muslims assimilate.

Prime Minister John Howard was asked in a radio interview this month whether $461 million had been spent on Muslim assimilation, and replied: “I’m sure there are some programs; I don’t think they amount to that.”

But Mr Howard added: “Well, there’s every reason to try and assimilate – and I unapologetically use that word – assimilate a section of the community, a tiny minority of whose members have caused concern.”

* “Tiny minority of extremists” alert: Unfortunately its exactly the other way around: The overwhelming majority of Muslims came to make Australia Islamic under the sharia.

Senator Ludwig said he wanted to know exactly what programs worked towards assimilation, but told the hearing he could not get an answer. “I am still trying to get an answer, because it’s part of financial accountability,” he said.

Mr Metcalfe said the National Action Plan was developed specifically in consultation with the Muslim community and with states, to provide a range of responses to the London bombings.

Mr Metcalfe said Australia had one of the most diverse populations in the western developed world, and the department administered a range of programs.

Senator Ludwig said: “I would note that I did not get a response to the question.”


4 thoughts on “Al Jazzeera is ‘different’- ‘Diversity is more than skindeep’ (of course!)”

  1. Is anyone surprised? Muslims are prohibited from integrating and are prached hatred of Australia and whites every day. The country has made such an ass of itself by coddling these backward cultists that Australia is in danger of destroying itself by its good intentions.

  2. Why didn’t the suit ask him why didn’t he yet speak english if he thought that Australia was such a wonderful place?

  3. A half billion dollars? What a colossal waste of money. A fraction of that money could have been used to kick out troublemakers, enact laws to restrict immigration of the peaceful ones and enforce those laws. I wonder how much money the entire West has wasted on this insane assimilation project, a project that should be called the National Suicide Project.

  4. But Mr Howard added: “Well, there’s every reason to try and assimilate – and I unapologetically use that word – assimilate a section of the community, a tiny minority of whose members have caused concern.”

    Mr Howard also said: “We will decide who comes to this country, and the circumstances under which they come. ”

    Under John Howard’s administration, our cities and suburbs are becoming decidedly third world; if I wanted to live in Cairo or Baghdad, I’d move there, but his “decision people” are taking over here. Cheap employment in the short term perhaps, but at the cost of the destruction of the West from within.

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