Amnesia Blasts US on Terrorism War


* AI is rotten to the core, just like the UN. Their sole purpose seems to be to hide and excuse the embarrassing filth and depravity of non-Western (Islamic) countries, by exaggerating and lying about what Western countries do.

* More proof that human rights organizations have degenerated into a front for Muhammedan agent provocateurs like the excremental Irene “Gulag” Khan, with help of her Marxist enablers:


Irene Khan is a Muslim and was born in Bangladesh. Obviously Bangladesh has become a paragon of human rights and equality in the past few years, unbeknownst to all of us, for someone from there to righteously preach to the rest of us about rights as if it was invented by them.

Wonder what Khan has to say about HIS human rights:

By RAPHAEL G. SATTER, Associated Press Writer

In its fight against terrorism, the United States has eroded rights worldwide, Amnesty International said Wednesday.

In its annual report, the London-based rights group said politicians around the world — from Australia to Sudan — were taking advantage of shortsighted U.S. leadership in a fight against global terrorism that had sacrificed individual liberties.

“One of the biggest blows to human rights has been the attempt of Western democratic states to roll back some fundamental principles of human rights — like the prohibition of torture,” Amnesty’s Secretary-General Irene Khan told The Associated Press before the report’s launch. She also criticized the U.S. policy of extraordinary rendition.

While Amnesty International has highlighted rights issues that have erupted since the deadly Sept. 11 terror attacks in the United States, little of the 337-page report dealt with the terrorist threat itself or attacks linked to the al-Qaida terror network.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Tom Casey said Amnesty’s time would have been better spent on helping the Iraqi government deal with past rights abuses.

“It’s pretty clear that Amnesty International thought that we’d make a convenient ideological punching bag,” Casey said.

Last year’s Amnesty report offered similar criticism of the United States, saying the country’s pursuit of security had undermined human rights.

America’s unique position on the world stage justified the criticism, Khan said.


“If we focus on the U.S. it’s because we believe that the U.S. is a country whose enormous influence and power has to be used constructively,” she said. “When countries like the U.S. are seen to undermine or ignore human rights, it sends a very powerful message to others.”

The report noted that a new Army Field Manual — which bans the use of dogs, hooding and sexual humiliation in interrogations — did not apply to CIA-run detention facilities.

European countries were accused of failing to challenge the U.S. military putting terror suspects on secret flights to third countries for interrogations. Britain, Australia and Japan were singled out for passing harsh new anti-terror laws.

Russia’s authoritarian drift also attracted Amnesty’s attention.

Journalists, human rights defenders and others had been devastated by a government crackdown on civil society, the report said, pointing to the assassination of investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya and the abduction of civilians in war-wracked Chechnya.

The report said the government was intensifying its pressure on the independent media and was turning a blind eye to the growing number of hate crimes targeting foreigners, immigrants and sexual minorities.

Khan also noted the deteriorating human rights situation in Zimbabwe and Darfur, which she called “a bleeding wound on world conscience.”

The report also criticized China’s role in shielding Sudan from U.N. action, saying the Chinese government and companies showed little regard for their “human rights footprint” on the African continent.

Amnesty also criticized Israel, saying its army killed more than 650 Palestinians last year — half of them unarmed civilians, including some 120 children — a threefold increase from 2005. It said Israel had deepened the poverty in Palestinian territories by withholding customs duties, and widening a network of blockades and other travel restrictions.

The number of Israelis killed by Palestinian armed groups diminished by half last year, to 27, including 20 civilian adults and one child, the report said. By The Associated Press’ count, 580 people were killed on the Palestinian side and 34 on the Israeli side in 2006.

* According to Khan, there are no human rights abuses in all of Islamistan and the global jihad is nothing more than ‘regional conflicts’ because of ‘oppression against Muslims’- who are -of course- perfectly justified to defend themselves, right Irene?

As is typical among Muslims who by some happenstance find their way into public discourse, the slightest breath of criticism of any aspect of Islam causes a short-circuit in the neural synapses. This leads to helpless, uncontrollable demonization of whoever/whatever “offended” or “attacked” Islam.

One more time: Irene ‘Gulag’ Khan and her Marxist enablers have perverted Amnesia Intentional into a Muhammedan knocking shop.

If Amnesty International were truly a human rights organization, they would be viciously attacking Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro, Bashir Assad, Hugo Chavez, Hosni Mubarek (on whose watch Egyptian Coptic Christians have been oppressed), Robert Mugabe, Mahmood Ahmedinijad and the leaders of the Taliban, while praising Bush and Howard for fighting against the jihadists who would abolish human rights if they got a chance.

AI got into a real tizzy trying to go after Pinochet, but hardly ever batted an eyelash at Castro.

* Besides: What does animal “rights” have to do with tree-hugging have to do with anti-white racism have to do with anti-male genderism have to do with socialism have to do with pacifism towards jihad?

They are all attacks on western civilization. If practiced consistently, all would lead to mass death.

The same and worse has happened to the ‘United Nations’ where less than 20 civilized nations are openly vilified, outvoted and robbed by 150 rogue beggar-fiefdoms from the 3rd world.

Oil-slick Arab Kingdoms and totally excreable dictatorships are somehow (why?) given the same vote and weight as the US and the civilized nations of the free world.



Amnesty International has finally gone completely off the rails; their secretary-general also saidHoward is just like Mugabe’.

George Bush, John Howard, Robert Mugabe, and Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir. All on the same moral plane according to Irene Khan.


Zimbabwes dictator Robert Mugabe and Australia’s PM John Howard

Photo: AFP

Prime Minister John Howard finds himself alongside Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe in an Amnesty International report which says they are among short-sighted fear-mongers dividing the world.

The human rights pressure group has accused Mr Howard of portraying asylum-seekers as a threat to national security.

The report also criticises Australia’s role in the war on terror and its treatment of female victims of violence.

Amnesty secretary-general Irene Khan says the fear generated by leaders such as Mr Howard “thrives on myopic and cowardly leadership.”

Ms Khan included Mr Howard with Mr Mugabe, US President George Bush and Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir in the same scathing paragraph in her foreword to the group’s annual report published today.

AI: Rotten from its very beginning:

Scrutinize Amnesia!

the Economist, published in Britain, noted that “an organisation which devotes more pages in its annual report to human-rights abuses in Britain and America than those in Belarus and Saudi Arabia cannot expect to escape doubters’ scrutiny.” Other critics, including law professor at Harvard, Alan Dershowitz, and the U.S.-based Capital Research Center, have been more pointed, providing evidence of Amnesty’s systematic bias and reports based largely on claims by carefully selected “eyewitnesses” in Colombia, Gaza, and Lebanon.

As Amnesty releases its annual report on human rights for 2006, amid highly choreographed public relations events, and repeating the familiar condemnations of Israel and America, NGO Monitor has also published a report on Amnesty’s activities in the Middle East. The result is not a pretty picture for those clinging to the “halo effect.”

Using a detailed and sophisticated qualitative model for comparing relative resources devoted to the different countries, this report clearly shows that in 2006, Amnesty singled out Israel for condemnation of human rights to a far greater extent than Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and other chronic abusers of human rights.

Read it all…

And what about Egypt’s Coptic Christians, Mrs. Gulag?

Egypt: Another Black Friday for Coptic Christians

For nearly four decades, the Coptic Christians in Egypt have been targeted by a wave of brutal attacks on their persons, churches, homes and businesses.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A coalition of Coptic Christians is calling on governments of the world to intervene on behalf of the Coptic Christians of Egypt and demand that Egypt stop religious persecution and guarantee religious freedom and justice for all citizens.
For nearly four decades, the Coptic Christians in Egypt have been targeted by a wave of brutal attacks on their persons, churches, homes and businesses.

The Ibn Khaldoun Research Center has documented over 120 major attacks on the Copts during this period. Another study estimated that over 4,000 Copts were killed or injured during this same period. They have also suffered material losses in the tens of millions of dollars.

The researchers noted that many of these attacks took place on Fridays, after the Muslim prayer in mosques. As well, the vast majority of these attacks were not committed by organized terrorist groups, but by ordinary people from the neighborhood.

Researchers believe the violence takes place under the influence of hate propaganda emitted through the media, the education system and mosque preaching. They report that Egyptian authorities have yet to adequately punish a single Muslim perpetrator.

The latest attack on May 11 was in Bamha, 15 miles south of Cairo. A coalition of Coptic organizations worldwide reported that it began as the result of a rumor circulated among the Muslims that the Copts of the village were planning to convert a house, which they used for prayers, into a church.

The Muslim worshippers were incited by the Imam of the mosque and a few fanatics to rise and defend Islam against the “Christian infidels.” A Muslim mob, estimated to exceed 500, went on a rampage using fireballs, knives and hatchets. They burned 27 Christian homes and shops. At least 10 Copt were injured.

Rather than pursuing and arresting the perpetrators, the authorities conducted a meeting of reconciliation between the victims and the aggressors, where an imposed settlement virtually stripped the Copts of all rights.

Under the terms of the settlement, Muslims were not bound to pay for damages nor assume any criminal responsibility. As well, the prayer house, which was the center of dispute, would be used only for Sunday school classes and a cross may not be displayed on the building.

The coalition noted that, ironically, only days after the Bamha incident, Egypt became a member of the UN’s Human Rights Council.

Thirteen Coptic associations, from North America, Europe and Australia, are members of the coalition.

For photos of the violence in Bahma, visit:

Blind Nuclear Watchdog Update:

From LGF

* When it comes to nuclear weapons proliferation, the last thing in the world you want is the fox in charge of guarding the chicken coop. This is what’s happened at the IAEA, where a ‘global village’ mentality has allowed a Muslim, Mohammed El Baradei, to do just that:

Chalk up another success for the Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Atomic Energy Agency, as blind watchdog Mohamed ElBaradei says Iran is going to have the bomb in, oh, maybe three to eight years. Somewhere in that vicinity.

He’s apparently basing this estimate on a gut feeling, and he doubts they’re really trying to get nuclear weapons anyway.

LUXEMBOURG (Reuters) – Iran is probably three to eight years away from producing a nuclear bomb if it so chooses, the head of the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog said on Thursday.

Underlining what he said was the growing risk of a major confrontation between the West and Iran, International Atomic Energy Agency head Mohamed ElBaradei appealed for the two sides to restart negotiations on a compromise as soon as possible.

“I tend, based on our analysis, to agree with people like John Negroponte and the new director of the CIA, who are saying that even if Iran wanted to go for a nuclear weapon, it would not be before the end of this decade or sometime in the middle of the next decade. In other words three to eight years from now,” ElBaradei told a news conference in Luxembourg.

Would you buy a used nuke from this guy?

Sack El Baradei!

How could anyone in his right mind agree for a Muhammedan appeaser to become ‘watchdog’ for the International Atomic Energy Agency? This is so scandalous its impossible to put it in words. El Baradei has been pulling the wool over our eyes and ears far to long, sack him now!


France to join US in complaint filed against el-Bardadei

The French foreign ministry has announced that France intends to join in on the complaint filed by the US against the International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed el-Baradei.

The US is filing the complaint after el-Baradei said that Iran should be allowed to keep several of its uranium enrichment components. (AFP)

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  1. I am sick and tired of these leftist leaning groups who whine endlessly about imagined and exaggerated tortures by the US and its allies while ignoring or soft pedaling such paradises such as Cuba, North Korea, China, much of the Third World, and our personal favorite-the unholy Islamic ummah. Maybe if the peaceful ones quit their campaign of killing infidels the US and its allies can quit “torturing” all those poor innocents.

  2. AI has zero credibility. It is completely controlled by anarchists who want to destroy Western civilization. They believe by saying the West is just as evil, no, evern more evil than Mugabe, Iran, the Pals, Saudi Arabia, that people will actually believe it.

  3. We need a list of these painful NGO’s
    1. UN
    2. AI
    3. ISM
    and counting,,,,

    I know there are many more. I would even go as far as to put the Red Cross there. They won’t, or haven’t, as far as I know, allowed Israel under their auspices, but “Red crescent” is ok.
    Their behaviour on 9/11 left a lot to be desired as it did after Bali.

  4. I never forget the behaviour of some after the Bali Bombing,where there was a report of the victims where being robbed,and how this report quickly vanished.

  5. Shiva:
    Also the Red Cross launched an appeal for victims of Bali. People in OZ gave a lot of money and the Red Cross spent it on upgrading medical facilities in Bali,,eg an ambulance. Victims didn’t get it.

    NOW,,that is not a bad thing per se, but the money was collected under false pretences, IMHO.

    The last time a collecter phoned me I said I wouldn’t donate because of 9/11 and Bali. He told me that many people had said the same!

  6. It is high time the Christian countries come out of this Amnisty International as it prooves to be a Islamic voice organisation. When the Saudi Arabian government prevents any non-islamic indiviadual to be a citizen of Arabia, or carry a bible in public places, or the persecution of Christians and Jews in Pakisthan,Egypt and all the Islamic countries, this Amnesty International just keeps mum-(is it because Irine is married a Muslim?) Now America’s Bush,Australia”s John Howard are the “bad Boys” according to this AI. How come she left out the rest of Eurpoe and Canada? We must just de-recognice this nepotism of AI and come out of it. THREE CHEEERS FOR JOHN HOWARD.

  7. Now, if Howard (PBUH) will only sort out the taxi drivers, the imams, the prisons, the welfare system, the influx of Saudi monies and begin repatriation of all those who will not commit to democracy, we will then be starting to make progress.

  8. Time to dust off the monkey suit and start some gorilla actins against these clowns!


    Khan does not care about human rights only that the ‘rights’ of Islam be protected even if those so-called ‘rights’ means millions of people lose their ACTUAL rights to feel safe in their own homelands.

    Irene Khan is a true coward.

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