Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Australia: Soldiers of Allah go Ballistic


Ayaan Hirsi Ali is visiting Australia under tight security to give two sold-out talks, and local Muslim groups are seething and issuing veiled threats (as usual):

Anti-Islamic writer stirs hatred, Muslims warn.

* Tell the truth about Islam and we will kill you. That’s what they really mean. Because that’s why Hirsi Ali needs 4 body guards at all times…

* Muslims think the real problem is what she says, rather than the threat to her life from bigots when she says it:


Where’s your hijab, Jamila?
University of Technology Sydney Islamic law lecturer Jamila Hussain said Hirsi Ali’s ideas were extreme and stigmatised Muslims.

* Jamila Hussein doesn’t think catmeat sheik Al Hilali’s or Feiz Mohammeds ideas are extreme. She doesn’t mention Nacer Benbrika either…

“I think she’d be better staying where she came from,” Ms Hussain said. “I’ve read enough of her thoughts. It’s a narrow and radical opinion, and I don’t agree with it. She’s obviously had some dreadful experiences, but they’re not typical.”

* Lipstick on a pig, the usual reaction…

In her writings, Hirsi Ali describes being circumcised as a young girl and how she escaped an arranged marriage.


Nada Roude, of the NSW Islamic Council, said Hirsi Ali’s comments on the prophet Mohammed were a “no-go zone”.

“They (prophets) are not just like you and me, they have special status – you’re supposed to show respect,” Ms Roude said. “There have to be boundaries in how far you go in respecting other’s beliefs. The reaction from the community is likely to be quite worrying.”

* Right. We should be shaking in our shoes, we should pay the the jiziyah, submit to Islam or die, right Nada? Or should we just be worried about terrorism?

Andrew Bolt comments:

Instead of seeing the “quite worrying” likely response from Muslims here to the exercise of free speech as the real problem, Roude quite typically reverses the blame, and claims the real problem is actually the woman who has had to live under police guard for four years.

She’s not a victim, after all. No, the victim is the Muslim community whose more extreme members have given her such reason to fear for her life, and whose leaders so often refuse to defend her right to speak, to visit and to live unmolested. Victimhood is once more triumphantly claimed by people who should instead examine their own illiberal culture:

Nada Roude is on record of stating on Australian TV that ‘Jihad is inner struggle”

Ms Roude said there seemed to be a double standard about who was allowed to visit Australia, particularly as Hirsi Ali’s visit appeared to have the potential to incite hatred.

* Ms Roude would love to have Muslims control the visa policy of Australia?

“Muslims are not treated the same,” she said. “There are a set of rules for one community and another for the rest of the community. Anyone who causes harm to our society because they have the right to express their opinion is not welcome.”

Translated? Shut up and you’ll be safe. Criticise Islam, and the consequences be on your head. No matter what we do to you, we are the victims.

This is mad. Consider: of the three people mentioned above – two Muslims and one non-Muslim – only one needs constant security. Who, then, is the true victim? Who has more to fear?


What Muslims really like to do…



* Further vilification, slander and ‘defensive’ action, otherwise known as kitman & taqiyya,- from the Religion of Peace: 

Hanifa Deen, a Melbourne author and Muslim feminist, said … “Sadly, Ali is alienating many Muslim women in the West, forcing them into defensive positions.” 

Hmm. Strange. Who has been ‘forced into a defensive position’- the Muslim or the non-Muslim? 

Women are losers in world of Islam, says author 

10 thoughts on “Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Australia: Soldiers of Allah go Ballistic”

  1. Where’s is this lady visiting because I’d love to hear her speak, she is one brave lady.
    Muslims must realise that it is they who are causing most harm to society.

  2. What I’D like to see is Ms Ali given an invitation to dinner at the Lodge (to speak with both the PM and Leader of the Opposition and heads of our other political parties, with Indigenous Australian community leaders and the spiritual heads of all the major churches and the Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu community also invited [sorry Muslims we know you hate her guts, no invitation, come another time) and at the Gov-General’s residence at Yarralumla; I’d like to see her invited to address a special session of Federal Parliament; I’d like to see her invited to give the graduating address at Duntroon Military College, to let them know what they’re fighting for – among other things, so that future generations of little girls in Australia will NEVER be subjected to sharia in any way, shape or form; and how about the award of an Honorary Doctorate in, say, Womens Studies, at the Australian National University?

  3. Nada Roude is listed as a member of “Australians All” – concerned about divisions between the West and Islam, and which seeks all the nice motherhood things, including “respect for difference”. but drawing the line at demonizing or denigrating a religion or a people. Malcolm Fraser brought it into being – yet another tool to destroy a Western nation from within.
    ( australiansall.com.au )

    Looks like “Justice, Security, a Fair Go” don’t apply to Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

  4. when Free Speech is allowed the cult of islam cannot be deemed a ROP, as like oil and water the two shall never mix.

  5. Savitch
    Yes, Fraser has lost the plot! He has made the transition from a Liberal PM to a lefty over a period of time.

  6. In fairness, there are undoubetdly many other people such as Ayaan Hirsi, but in the true Muslim way they are all being crushed or frightened out of expressing themselves.She is brave and believes more for the cause and spreading the truth than she does for her own safety!

    This is much like our very own Sheik Yer Mami, a champion for truth and a whistle blower on those radical and evil elemens that are threatening to destroy the society we have worked so hard to create.

    The Jewish sages teach “Who is strong, he who conquers his own will”. May all those others out there, crushed and pressured by their evil surroundings find the courage to stand up to the tyrants who rule them, may they shout the truth from the highest points until even the bleeding heart lift wing liberals admit what the real source of the problem is, after hearing it from the horses mouth! Only through doing this will all the future suffering generations be saved along with the millions of innocents that their leaders wish to destroy…

  7. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a true warrior for democracy for muslims who want social and political equality and respect for the individual within society…in other words..to live and be free to say what you like…no matter what anyone believes otherwise. Amen.

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