Father of Muslim Serial Rape Victim: ‘Avoid the Courts, There is NO Justice: Sort it out yourself!’

* Not surprised:

DT is a regular poster on WoJ and other blogs. He and his daughter have been through a horrible ordeal: Over 7 years of court battles against Muslim serial rapists wrecked all illusions that justice can be had by following procedures. A hopeless bureaucracy and an uncaring lot of judicial wankers are to blame:


By Chris Merritt

The Australian

THE father of one of the Sydney women raped seven years ago by Bilal Skaf’s gang says rape victims should avoid court, and take matters into their own hands instead.

The father, who cannot be named, said criminal justice in the state was so biased against victims of crime that rape victims should have nothing to do with it.

“Do not go to court. Sort it out outside of the court, if you get my drift,” he said.

“Once you get to court, you will not get justice. It is a justice system in name only.”

This father’s damning assessment was delivered after a man known as MG was acquitted of raping his daughter, who can be identified only as Miss C.

While MG was acquitted of raping Miss C, he did not walk free. He is serving two 15-year sentences for his role in other rapes.

Skaf and other members of his gang are already serving prison sentences for attacks on Miss C.

Her father’s advice to avoid the justice system prompted the NSW Rape Crisis Centre to call for urgent reforms to ensure people are not tempted to take the law into their own hands.

Violence solves nothing,” said manager Karen Willis.

* Really? A dead rapist doesn’t rape anymore.

“I empathise with this man’s position. What his daughter has gone through for seven years would be appalling. It shows we still need more changes such as special sexual assault courts to ensure people do not take the law into their own hands.”

Miss C’s father said his daughter had received “horrific” treatment by the courts and defence lawyers.

“They subpoenaed her medical records and even said in court that she had an orgasm during one of the rapes. How in the hell would they know?” he said.

“She now rarely goes out. She won’t go out in crowds and when she does, she won’t go out for very long.

“She hates being outside, particularly when she sees Muslims. She is so anti-Islam it is unbelievable, and to be honest, so am I.”

The fact that the MG case dragged on for more than five years meant he no longer had any faith in the adversarial system of justice.

“The prosecution are hindered in what they can do, whereas the defence can rip these girls apart,” he said.

“It took seven years and my daughter could not do it any more and she was one of the strongest of the lot.”

Miss C abandoned her involvement in the MG case because of delays and the removal of top prosecutor Margaret Cunneen.

* Scandalous indeed. What was behind her removal? Will we ever know?

Her father said it was time to switch to a more inquisitorial system to stop defence lawyers dragging out cases.

He also called for a better system of selecting judges.

“They say the law is equal. Don’t believe it,” he said.


During his daughter’s ordeal in the court system, he had taken his concerns to the NSW Law Society and both sides of state politics.

He said he had been “spoken down to” by the Law Society, ignored by then Attorney-General Bob Debus and told by the state Opposition that real reform would require constitutional change.

He contacted The Australian after the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal wrote to this newspaper last week about the MG case.

Miss C’s father said he rejected the court’s statement that Ms Cunneen’s removal had not triggered his daughter’s decision to walk away from the case.

6 thoughts on “Father of Muslim Serial Rape Victim: ‘Avoid the Courts, There is NO Justice: Sort it out yourself!’”

  1. It is all of a piece of appeasing Muslims – afterall raping Infidel women is not considered a crime in Islam.

    It will come to gross violence in the end, that is for sure. I dont see how we can live with Muslims without seriously damaging the West and its culture. When to idelogies or poeple are just not compatible, it is best to have an amicable divorce rather then wait till the shooting match starts. In the end, separation is the best for all.

  2. To MissC and her Dad, I can’t imagine the horror you have suffered over all these years. My deepest sympathies to you.
    I think legislation needs to be placed to block defence lawyers delaying and blocking tactics. It is ludicrous that a single case can be allowed to drag on and on and on.
    I can understand this Dad’s desire to take the law into his own hands,many of us would feel the same.
    Unfortunately the legal system is all we have to prevent us becoming as bad as the perpetrators.
    I do believe there is a place for the death sentence in totally proven cases where there is no doubt.
    Serial rapists, paedophiles and cold blooded murderers should never be allowed back into society. Society has to be protected from these a**s*h***s, but let’s fix the legal system in its bias toward the criminals and let’s stop lawyers from being allowed to annihilate the poor people who have been hurt. Let’s get some commonsense back into law and get rid of warped lawyers and judges who cannot distinguish justice and winning at all costs.

  3. The defense is given every opportunity to argue their case and what better defense than retaliation, although murder would be too good for the scumbag rapists. Personally, I’d arrange an abduction, detach the offending portion of his body, then rush the bugger to hospital and turn myself in to the police full of remorse. I’d serve less than a year that way. The offending portion of his body? It was when I was stomping it into a pulp on the floor that I realized I was in trouble, sorry officer…

  4. The reason Margaret Cunneen was taken off the case was that the Court of Criminal Appeals decided that having Margaret was Prejudicial (she has an 80% conviction rate).So then they gave the next Prosecutor 2 weeks to review the case.
    Defence lawyers deciding who prosecutes whom.
    Justice anyone?

  5. D.T.
    I cannot tell you how sorry I am to hear this outcome. And I also feel very helpless.

    It is appalling because a prosecutor is meant to prosecute,no?

    Someone could argue that she was well -experienced in these cases and therefore should have been left to handle it, being possibly more competent than anyone else. Two weeks: what a joke!

    I had a few “interesting” thoughts along those lines myself!

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