Hitler wore suits and kissed children, Hilali cooks for Ben Chubby from the Sydney Morning Herald

…Who promptly gives him a clean bill of health and writes  an astounding puff piece on Dark Ages terrorist-supporting hate cleric Taj al-Din al-Hilali:

The mufti we love to hate


Stirring the pot … Hilaly cooks dinner at his Greenacre home. He says he is happiest in the kitchen.
Photo: Bob Pearce

Age and experience have softened the outspoken Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly, who talks to Ben Cubby.

* Why would that be, Ben?

SINCE arriving on a tourist visa in 1982, and overstaying, Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly has lurched from scandal to opprobrium in a way that would have embarrassed Anna Nicole Smith. The holder of the disputed title of Mufti of Australia has politicians falling over each other to tell people how much they dislike him.

A stream of contentious public comments – comparing scantily clad women to uncovered meat, questioning the Holocaust, attacking the sentence given to the gang rapist Bilal Skaf and cracking jokes about Australia’s convict heritage – has given even potential supporters cause to edge away from the sheik.

* Glad you don’t have a problem with that, Ben. What did Hilali feed you? Hash cookies?

More recently, he has faced claims that donated Australian money which he passed on in Lebanon might have ended up with terrorist groups.

* Thats right. We’re waiting for the indictment…

Yet in parts of the Muslim community, especially among elements of Lebanese Australian society, support for Hilaly remains strong.

* Wasn’t he supposed to be sacked Ben? How come the support is so strong?

Away from the spotlight, Hilaly lives a relatively unglamorous life in the south-western suburbs of Sydney. The former sharia court judge is happiest in the kitchen, cooking. He adores his adopted country, he says.

* Why didn’t you ask a few questions about the flogging, the beheadings, and bout the sharia, Ben? Inquisitive Australian minds would love to know!

“I have fallen in love, after the age of 40, with a beautiful lady named Australia,” Hilaly told the Herald. “What many of those who do not know me, who are angered by some of my comments, are ignorant of, is that I am a person who loves literature, in particular satirical poetry.”

* The rest is just too embarrassing and to stupid to print, but read it all:

Here it is from the Sydney Morning Herald

8 thoughts on “Hitler wore suits and kissed children, Hilali cooks for Ben Chubby from the Sydney Morning Herald”

  1. Sickening. And what’s with all the related articles about islam and moslems ? Is the Sydney Morning Herald owned by moslems ? Sure looks that way to me !

    Maybe the paper should change its name to the Sydney Moslem Herald.

  2. Hilali has fallen in love with a lady called Australia? That explains why he treats her so badly-the man just can’t help himself.

  3. We should start a list of “most useful idiot reporters”
    1. Gavin King
    2. Ben Chubby
    3……fill in the blank

    Don’t publicists get paid to do this kind of media release? I am sure it was one of them. These things don’t always happen by accident.
    Wonder how much it cost?

    More to your comment than meets (meats?) the eye. He has “fallen in love”, and if he “marries” that lady she will be in a burka before we know it and a powerless slave to this creep.

  4. ImNoDhimmi said: “Is the Sydney Morning Herald owned by moslems ?”

    I don’t know, but their Islam blog “Your Islam questions answered” looks
    like Dorothy Dix compared to Andrew Bolt’s blog.

    “Thank you for dropping in on our live discussion of Islam hosted by Dr Zacharia Matthews, the president of the Australian Islamic Mission. ”

    “At last it is a relief to see ethical journalism in practice. The Herald should win some awards for this coverage. Well done!”

    I guess any “unsuitable” comments were deleted.

  5. Sharia judge!
    I fink I’m gunna frow up. But then again, oh what an easy target those journalists will make when the shit hits the fan…

  6. After reading the rest of it, I could see why sheik found it embarrassing to put it all up. After I reading it all I pulled more faces, the horse shit that comes out of a Muslims mouth is unbelievable, even more unbelievable when people believe it!

  7. someone fire that ass kissing scum bag wanna be journo
    bet they paid him well to present this wolf in sheeps clothing
    pathetic specimen of decaying fungas

  8. nice lookin house for someone on welfare in australia eh
    wish i could afford to buy all that stuff in teh photo and we work full time!

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