Iran Needs Peaceful Nukes

For this:


Iran, the 4th largest energy exporter in the world, says it needs nuclear energy for “peaceful” purposes. This recent picture from Tehran suggests a different motive. (photo ht Jeff via TROP)

No other country is threatened with death and complete annihilation while the rest of the world turns away. No other country is promised genocide, day in day out, week in, week out , year in year out, with no condemnation by the civilized men of the EU, UN, UNSC, OIC (ha!)

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But who is to blame?

As always:

Iran’s former President Khatami blames West for nuclear standoff 

How could it be the fault of anyone else? From The Associated Press, with thanks to Jihad Watch

OSLO, Norway: Iran’s reform-minded former president on Tuesday blamed the West for failing to resolve a standoff over the Islamic republic’s nuclear program and said mounting pressure on Tehran would only make things worse.
Mohammad Khatami said that during his time as president, between 1997 and 2005, he came close to reaching an agreement with European nations that would have allowed Iran to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes. But U.S. pressure forced the Europeans to back off, he said.

“I think our European friends made a mistake and the problem has become more complicated,” Khatami told reporters at a conference in Oslo….

“If more pressure is brought on Iran it will be more difficult for both sides,” Khatami said.

Khatami blamed the United States for fueling the spread of terrorism in the Muslim world and compared U.S. neo-conservative leaders to Islamic fundamentalists.

“Extremism has been strengthened in the Muslim world. If terrorism only existed in Afghanistan, it has been spread to Iraq because of the actions of the United States,” Khatami said. “Violence and extremism are dangerous whether followed by al-Qaida or hardline politicians like the neo-conservatives in the United States.”…

When asked whether he agreed with Ahmadinejad’s calls for Israel to be wiped off the map, he said: “Personally I don’t think any people or nation should be wiped out. But I do believe sometimes facts, what has happened in history, has to be taken into account.”

5 thoughts on “Iran Needs Peaceful Nukes”

  1. Hmm, no Hebrew? What are they, Judeophobic or something? But I see a little progress in this sign-they used the word “Israel”. It used to always be “The Zionist Entity”, as if this were a monster. At that rate of progress Iran might actually become a part of the civilized world-in about 5000 years or after a nuclear war, whichever comes first that is.

  2. Here is a thought – The Shia Iranians need a nuke as the Sunnis already have one Sunni nation that is nuclear – Pakistan.

    Given the blood hatred that has been festering between the two branches of Islam since mo’s death, I sometimes wonder if Iran’s nuclear desires maybe for countering the threat it faces from the demographically dominant Sunni branch which is already nuclear armed, and besides has the support of the USA. Iran’s nuclear threat against Israel, could be one way to counter any opposition to Iran’s nuclear aspirations from Muslims worldwide, as well as gain support.

    If Iran does acquire nukes, things are going to get very interesting. For a start, the Sow_dis will want nukes as well. Since they financed Pakistan’s nukes, they may well get them from Pakistan at reduced prices. Then Egypt will want them as well.. and so on.

    A nuclear Islamic middle east, with a religion that has no concept of restraint when it comes to killing in the name of allah, absolutely convinced in the divine rightness of their cause, and you have the recipe for a catastrophe.

    I hope Muslims realise, that the West is trying to save them from a catastrophe, and not just interfering.

  3. How does this sign compare to the Mo-toons?

    Can they not see the stupidy of it all? And why does the west do nothing? Oh,,of course,,we have the UN to handle this kind of thing.

  4. Phony “Israel” – Fake Country/Fake Names/Fake Food/Fake Language

    Israel is a fake pseudo nation and it needs to be obliterated for World Peace.
    Most Israeli names are fake.. Jews like Goldy Myerson and Ben Green changed their names to Golda Meir and Ben Gurion, and millions of other Jews followed likewise to cover up the fact that they are really Europeon invaders.
    Most Israeli food is merely stolen Arab cuisine, which the zionists appropriated to give themselves a Mideast ambiance.

    The language is a joke – Hebrew was a dead language until the zio-nazis resurrected it to use for their Frankenstein creation of a state. Most words in Hebrew today are made up words introduced to Hebrew since the founding of the stolen state of Israel in 1948.
    Israel has no Constitution and no defined borders as it doesn’t want to be held to equal rights or prevented from expanding and stealing more Arab lands.

    I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. Israel is a fake psuedo-nation of jewish supremacists and it needs to be Nuked out of existence for the rest of the world to live in Peace.

  5. Really?

    So who are the Fakestinians? Why do Pakistani’s, Indonesians, Indians (former Hindus and Buddhists) dress themselves like Arabs and give themselves Arabic names like Abdullah & Mohammed? Why do they all eat lamb and couscous like Arabs? Because they re fake Arabs?

    Which Arab country is not an Islamic hell-hole and which Islamic country allows equal or human rights? Why is it that Islam has bloody borders? Why is it that everywhere where the soldiers of Allah have spread their disease millions are dying and the global jihad rages on?

    Yes. I could go on, but chances are you never get the idea. Islam is a fake belief-system based on theft, rape, jiziyah, slavery, mass-murder and collective insanity. There is no asylum in the world big enough to contain the madness of Islam and the imitators of the meshugga prophet. Israel reads more books in a year than 1.5 gazillion illiterate, brainwashed Muslim zombies who can’t even understand their own Koran.

    You certainly made me laugh. Try again!

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