Pali Jihad Rat is back and claims Al Andaluz


Sieg Heil from the Pali Jihad Rat

The monstrous clone of Mickey Mouse used by Hamas to teach children violence, hatred, and Islamic supremacism was back on the air yesterday. Hamas issued a statement with the usual toxic mix of whining victimhood and murderous threats; MEMRI TV captured and translated the latest episode of this nightmarish Islamic children’s show.

And the media, meanwhile, continue to make excuses and cover for this depravity, in story after story that claims the evil mouse is doing nothing more than teaching “resistance against Israel.” It’s more disgusting than the show itself.

GAZA (Reuters) – Hamas’s television station defied the Hamas-led Palestinian government on Friday by airing another weekly episode of a show featuring a Mickey Mouse lookalike who urges children to support ‘armed resistance’ against Israel.

* No wonder: You just can’t afford to sent a Western reporter into the Pali territories anymore, because the Pal’s hold them hostage for ransom and threaten all kinds of things. And if our media has to rely on Arab Muslim stringers to cook the news for us then you just know that nothing but cheap Arab propaganda can be the pathetic result…

But here is the real scoop from Jihad Watch:

Farfur is back, and he’s mad. Now he doesn’t want just Israel, but Spain too: “Defiant Hamas TV airs resistance Mickey again,” from AFP, with thanks to all who sent this in:

Hamas-run television defied Israel and the Palestinian government on Friday by airing a controversial children’s show with a Mickey Mouse lookalike preaching resistance and Islamic domination….
Asked by an Al-Aqsa reporter why he looked around to see what his friends were writing, Farfur — whose name means butterfly — answered: “Because the Jews destroyed my home and I left my books and notes under the rubble.”

Ah. The Zionist oppressor ate my homework, eh?

“I’m calling on all children to read more and more to prepare for exams because the Jews don’t want us to learn,” said Farfur who failed the test.
Broadcast weekly for an hour, the show also featured a short film recalling the anguish of little girl Huda Ghalya, whose family was killed on a Gaza beach last June in a blast for which Israel denied responsibility.

“Anyone who wants to go to the sea will be killed,” said Farfur.

“Yes Farfur, but also they killed her family because we are Palestinian,” interjected reporter Hazem Sharawi, before calling for Islamic rule and for Spain to be returned to Muslim rule as after the 8th century Moorish invasion.

“Palestine will return free and Andalus will return soon. Hello Egypt, Damascus and Algeria. Islam will return for all whole world,” he said.

Friday’s show also taught tomorrow’s pioneers that the cities of Jaffa, Haifa and Acre, in modern-day Israel, in addition to Jerusalem, belong to their country. Songs are sung about Palestine and about facing the enemy.

Pali child abuse watch:


Genocidal zombies in the making. What are we doing about it?


Pamela from Atlas Shrugs has a good take on the Jihad Rat latest news:

Hamas: Jihad Mickey Mouse Stays!

Just like the Nazis contended they were doing the world a favor in eliminating the Jew — so does Hamas. Just like the Nazis said “we were just taking orders.” Hamas too is saying don’t blame us, “we are following the Lord’s orders.”

Suicide terror is not an act of desperation it is an aspiration.

They will not bow to moral outrage and indignation. The Ham mouse stays and teaches the Pali children to kill the Jews, the Christians, the infidels. Allah Akbar!

* And the Euro-dhimmi’s and Condi Rice & Bush Co. will keep the jiziyah coming, disguised as ‘aid’- to ease the ‘crippling sanctions’…

Hamas TV Insists on Continuing Inciting Children view clip here
To view a transcript go here

The following are excerpts from a report on the Al-Aqsa TV children’s show “The Pioneers of Tomorrow,” with the addition of excerpts from the May 11, 2007 show.

Reporter: The Al-Aqsa Satellite TV Channel denounced the vicious campaign that is being waged against it, and against its children’s show, “The Pioneers of Tomorrow,” which airs every Friday. [Al-Aqsa TV] emphasized its noble message, which aims to produce a believing generation that will bear the noble values and strive to spread goodness and justice in Palestine and the world. Al-Aqsa TV stressed to its viewers that the airing of the show would continue, and announced that the show airs at 4 p.m. Occupied Jerusalem Time every Friday. Al-Aqsa TV talked over the phone with Fathi Hammad, director of the Al-Aqsa media network.

Link to Atlas here

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  1. Islam will return to the whole world? Will it return via spaceship? That would be appropriate, since a philosophy as debased as Islam could only have come from another world.

    That Farfur is a greedy little bastard-most mice settle for cheese. This one wants whole countries.

  2. I just cannot understand the MSM. WHy are they running cover for Muslims and Islamic domination? Do they think they will get a pass in the future caliphate of horror? They cannot all be living in a multicultural bubble. It’s impossible.

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