Thailand: Religion of Peace Kills Another 15

Fifteen more victims of the jihad in south Thailand:

Ten soldiers killed in Thai blast.


Yala is one of three insurgency-torn provinces in southern Thailand
At least 10 soldiers have been killed in a bomb attack by suspected militants in southern Thailand, officials say.

The roadside bomb struck an army vehicle carrying around 12 soldiers as it drove through the province of Yala, the deputy governor said.

The attack is one of the worst in the region in recent years.

Another five people were killed in a separate incident in Songkhla province, when gunmen fired at local Muslims at a mosque, reports say.


“Thai Buddhists will never live peacefully. You will be killed cruelly” 

“We will give Thai Buddhists three days to leave our land. Otherwise, we will kill you and burn your houses. … Thai Buddhists will never live peacefully. You will be killed cruelly.”


Meanwhile, note that this jihadist was recruited through atrocity stories, as we have seen many times before. The jihad recruiters don’t seem to have mentioned Britney Spears.


“Asia’s Islamic extremists add beheadings to their arsenal,” from Associated Press, with thanks to Jihad Watch

NA PRADU, Thailand – It took two days for the young Muslim assassin to calm his nerves before the slaying.

Then, Mohama Waekaji says, he walked one cool morning to a rice mill, carrying a knife and following orders from a guerrilla commander to behead the 72-year-old Buddhist owner.

He asked the elderly man, Juan Kaewtongprakam, for some rice husks. As he turned to collect them, Waekaji says, he slashed the blade through the man’s neck.

“I didn’t dare to disobey,” the 23-year-old Waekaji said in an interview with The Associated Press _ the first time a Thai militant accused of a beheading has spoken to the Western media. “I knew they would come after me if I did not do what I was told.”

The killing in February was one in a spate of beheadings that has shocked Thailand, a nation with no past history of the practice, and fueled fears that the brutal terrorist tactics of the Middle East are spreading in Asia.


6 thoughts on “Thailand: Religion of Peace Kills Another 15”

  1. I think soon the Thais will weary of the peaceful ones. Then, hell will break loose.

  2. I think that anyone caught in any terrorist act should be immediately executed. And that should be in every part of the world. Too many of these bomb planters are getting away scott-free. And the mullah and imam of the mosque that they go to should be executed too. And their families, friends and pets too.
    Islam should be outlawed everywhere except saudi arabia.

  3. These pislamic militants must be impaled to bring peace to the world. I 100% agreed with el greco. These pislamic idiots always try to solve problems by beheading others. Therefore those imams/mullahs or other moth*rfuck*rs must be hanged then civilized society can live without any fear.

  4. the picture of severed heads is of Bosnian Serbs slaughtered by the mudjahadeen flown into yugoslavia by clinton and his cia.

  5. Thailand: Jihadists murder six Buddhist civilians by bombing their car and then raking it with gunfire

    Jihad against Buddhist hunters. “Thai police say insurgent bomb kills 6 in south,” from AP, November 2 (thanks to JW):

    PATTANI, Thailand (AP) — Police say suspected Muslim insurgents in southern Thailand killed six civilians in a bomb attack on their vehicle in the south.
    Police investigator Heraman Chedi says the explosion occurred Wednesday in Narathiwat’s Ra-ngae district, and attackers raked the vehicle with machine-gunfire afterward.

    Heraman says the victims were Buddhist hunters headed to a nearby forest, and one survived and was taken to a local hospital….

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