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* This is getting beyond ridiculous: Everyday, every hour, we are being bombed, shot up, people from Thailand to Afghanistan have their throats cut and see their children burned and tortured, and the MSM still treats the global jihad as if this continuous madness was nothing more than ‘isolated incidents’- there is just no excuse for that:


The jihad continues on Mindanao. “Philippines bomb kills four, army blames Islamists,”

from Reuters:

MANILA (Reuters) – A bomb killed four people and wounded 29 when it tore through a billiard hall in the southern Philippines on Tuesday in an attack military officials blamed on an al Qaeda-linked Islamist group.
The blast took place at a busy street corner in Tacurong City, officials said. Tacurong is on the troubled island of Mindanao, about 950 km (600 miles) south of Manila.
Major-General Raymundo Ferrer, army commander in Cotabato on Mindanao, said initial inquiries indicated it was the handiwork of Jemaah Islamiah (JI), a regional militant network.
“It has all the signature of a terrorist attack,” Ferrer told reporters, ruling out politics behind the attack.
“We have strong suspicions the JI carried out the attack to remind us they’re still very much around. The target was obviously innocent people.”
Ferrer said four people were confirmed killed and 29 were wounded. Earlier, officials had reported five dead and 35 wounded, but Ferrer said some casualties had been counted twice in the initial confusion after the blast.
Benjamin de los Santos, Tacurong City’s deputy police chief, said a suspect with known links to local Islamist militants had been identified.
“We have identified a possible suspect who was seen carrying a bag before the explosion,” he told reporters.

Thailand still ‘Restive’:

Thai Jihad Update from Agence France-Presse:

NARATHIWAT, Thailand (AFP) – A Buddhist man was shot dead by suspected separatist militants on Thursday in Thailand’s restive south, police said, after two Muslims were killed overnight.
* Which adjective will news organizations wear out when they decide it’s gotten worse than “restive?”

All three were killed in Narathiwat province in drive-by shootings blamed on southern militants who are fighting for an independent state.

* That’s news: For a long while, mainstream media reports from Thailand claimed that the cause of the ongoing jihad violence was a mystery—“shadowy groups who never issue demands.”

But now they seem to have settled on the way to spin it. It’s resistance. The butchers are “fighting for an independent state.”
In a separate incident in Pattani province, two soldiers were wounded in a bomb blast as they protected a group of Buddhist monks on their morning rounds to collect alms.
The violence followed a powerful roadside bombing Wednesday that tossed an army patrol truck into the air and killed all seven soldiers inside.
More than 2,100 people have died in separatist violence in the southern provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat since January 2004, and unrest is growing despite peace-building moves by the government.
Army-installed Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont plans to travel to the region on Sunday for a one-day visit with his two deputy prime ministers and seven cabinet ministers.
Surayud said he wanted to give cabinet members first-hand experience of the unrest in the region, where they would meet military and civilian officials in Pattani and Yala.
Some 200 Muslims in Yala broke up their week-long blockade of a major highway on Thursday after negotiations with the provincial governor, local officials said, but in nearby Narathiwat a new protest got underway.
About 100 Muslim women and children gathered in the main provincial town to demand the authorities release 12 suspected militants who were arrested after security forces found 50 machetes in their belonging.

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  1. Sad. This story could have run for pages had it mentioned all parts of the world. And that’s just for one day. I wonder if someone has calculated how many infidels are killed each minute in the world by the peaceful ones. I’d bet at least one per minute. That would rival the most deadliest diseases.

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