Chutzpah: Chapel Hill jihadist apologizes


He wants to go to California and work as a contractor. Will authorities fall for this? Only if they forget or disregard his jihadist letters from last year, in which he explained that he was attempting to kill infidels in service of Allah and thus felt no remorse. At that time he wrote:

Allah demands of believers to retaliate violently against persons responsible for attacking them or their fellow Believers around the world. ([Qur’an] 2:178-179, 5:45, 8:72, 9:38, 9:71, 42:39-42, 49:10).
People who fight in the cause of Allah are not guilty if and when they have no intention of killing more persons among their enemies than their enemies have killed among the Believers.

Due to my religious motivation for the attack, I feel no remorse and am proud to have carried it out in service of and in obedience of Allah.

Considering that I injured several people both physically and psychologically, who were also American taxpayers, I feel that I succeeded in obeying Allah’s commandment to fight against the enemies of His followers.

Since I acted only in obedience and reverence of Allah, I could never be sorry for hurting the victims, unless Allah wanted me to be sorry — which I don’t believe is the case, to my knowledge.

Has he lost his Islamic faith, or rejected the literal understanding of the Qur’an that he documented so meticulously in those letters as calling for Muslims to wage war against unbelievers? The worst part of this is that probably no one will ask him any questions like that at all.

“Man who drove SUV into UNC-Chapel Hill crowd apologizes,” from Associated Press, with thanks JW

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (AP) – The man accused of driving an SUV onto the UNC-Chapel Hill campus last year is apologizing.
Mohamed Taheri-azar wrote a letter last month saying he regrets what he did. He’s asking to be released from state custody so he can live a productive life in California.

In March 2006, Taheri-azar drove an SUV into an outdoor gathering place called The Pit and hit nine people. He later called police to surrender.

Police say he told them he wanted to avenge the deaths of Muslims and punish the United States for actions around the world.

Taheri-azar pleaded NOT guilty in January to nine counts of attempted first-degree murder and nine counts of assault.

Taheri-azar now says he wants to work for his father’s general contractng company in Anaheim, California.

* Alan Dershowitz defines chutzpah as a guy who kills his mother and father and then claims leniency because he is an orphan.


Does your heart bleed already?

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  1. Alcatraz needs to be put back into operation. Better yet, send this loser to Gitmo. Instead, we have another jihadist leech feeding off taxpayers in jails for average criminals.

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