Counteract the hatred and lies of radical Islam

An Urgent Message

From the Desk of David Horowitz

Winds of Jihad just received this wonderful new video from David Horowitz that exposes the lies and the Arab propaganda that Israel is -somehow- to blame for the suffering in the Middle East. The link to the video is here. It should be seen by all people of good will. We urge you to see this powerful refutation of a radical Islamist lie that is central to their campaign of hatred and destruction – the lie that Israel is to blame for the suffering in the Middle East.


In fact Hamas, which is the elected government in “Palestine” is a terrorist organization with a Nazi-like ideology whose goal is the extermination of the Jews and the destruction of the United States.

It is an urgent matter to counteract the hatred and lies of radical Islam. Their lies are a formidable weapon in their jihad to defeat the West and to impose Islam across the globe. Their lies are used to justify their killing of innocent men, women and children, and their drive to take over country after country, to radicalize moderate Muslims, and to impose Sharia (Muslim) law on people everywhere.

They lie about America. But most of all they lie about Israel, telling the world that Israel is the aggressor in the Middle East, and especially that their grievances would end if Israel didn’t exist.

Most Americans know that when Osama bin Laden says America is making war on Islam he is lying. When radical Islamists say that 9/11 was our fault, most Americans know they are lying.

But when they say that Israel stole land from the Palestinians . . . that Israel routinely brutalizes Palestinian civilians…that Israel initiates aggression against its neighbors – many Americans do not know they are lying.

An astonishing number of academics believe their lies. Israel-hating is so common at colleges and universities that it is taken for granted. On some campuses Muslim student groups host virulently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic speakers, disrupt Jewish and pro-Israel activities, and even physically intimidate Jewish students, without a peep from the administration.

I want to get the truth about Israel out to millions of Americans to counteract the lies of the radical Islamists, by emailing the What Really Happened in the Middle East video, placing the link on web sites, and publicizing it through my speeches and interviews.

We are going to focus on reaching college students, but we also want to reach other Americans, including the media and decision-makers at every level.

You can donate to David Horowitz’s campaign here

Fitzgerald: Funding Hamas, funding Fatah

What is infuriating is not that Saudi Arabia, our mortal enemy, is funding Hamas, but that it is not being asked to fund Fatah as well. It is absurd that the American government, that any Infidel government, that any Infidel taxpayers are being forced by their governments anywhere to support Muslims in the style to which they have grown accustomed — to wit, living on the disguised Jizyah of foreign aid from Infidels. They consider themselves entitled to this even though they remain implacably committed to the Islamic view of Infidels and, certainly in the case of the “Palestinian” Arabs of Fatah, determined to make life hell for the Israelis.

They intend to keep every kind of economic, diplomatic, and military pressure on (including terrorism, which is hardly limited to Hamas but was copyrighted by the “Palestine Authority’s” presiding genius, Yassir Arafat, and continues today with such organizations, having nothing to do with Hamas and everything to do with Fatah, as the redundantly-named Islamic Jihad and the Al-Aksa Martyr’s Brigade).

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One thought on “Counteract the hatred and lies of radical Islam”

  1. “… the lies and the Arab propaganda that Israel is -somehow- to blame for the suffering in the Middle East.”

    The Arabs have (largely) rejected the God of the Bible in favour of “Allah”, a satanic counterfeit, and are seeking to destroy Israel. In effect, they are bringing a curse upon themselves, by cursing Israel.

    “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.” Zechariah 12:2

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