Fatwa forbids PA Muslims to emigrate

Obviously, the jihad needs fighters against the ‘occupation’- what could be more important than the annihilation of the Jooozzz?


Evidently the Palestinian jihad, like Islam itself, has no exit door. By Khaled Abu Toameh for the Jerusalem Post

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Alarmed by the growing number of Palestinians who are emigrating from the Palestinian territories, the Palestinian Authority’s mufti has issued a fatwa [religious decree] forbidding Muslims to leave.
Sources in the PA Foreign Ministry told The Jerusalem Post that some 10,000 Palestinians have filed requests to emigrate from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the year. They said the requests had been approved.

“Every day we hear about hundreds of Palestinians who file requests for emigration with different consulates and diplomatic missions,” the sources said.

“According to our statistics, there are at least 45,000 emigration applications being reviewed by different countries.”

The sources said most of the applicants were young men seeking work abroad. They said the majority of them wanted to move to the US, EU and Canada.

What? To the Great Satan and other infidel strongholds? Why not to Saudi Arabia? Iran?

Of course, among the people who want to emigrate to the West there are doubtless many who are not ideologues, who just want to get on with their lives. But they are trapped.


Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

“among the people who want to emigrate to the West there are doubtless many who are not ideologues, who just want to get on with their lives.”
— from Robert’s comment above

I disagree. I disagree that there are “doubtless many who are not ideologues” and who “just want to get on with their lives.” My own observation of “Palestinian” Arabs is that they are full-time propagandists for the “Palestinian” cause, that some are practiced at expressing their sense of victimhood, and since they are capable of sensing the ignorance and naivete of the Infidels among whom they come to live, they are essentially dangeorus agents of, in the first place, the Lesser Jihad against Israel, but just as important, help to create an atmosphere of confusion about the Middle East, and about Islam. A few may not be this way, but we have no way to figure out who those “few” might be, and should not take a chance.


Furthermore, quite a number of “Palestinians” have been behind the shouting down of pro-Israel speakers at colleges. They have spearheaded all kinds of activiites, from “divestment” movements, to phony “Islamic” outreach in Christian churches. Several “Palestinian” minister/propagandists, having burrowed within, and then climbed high, in the hierarchy of various Christaian denominations, have done promoted the Lesser Jihad against Israel. They have been working at times in coordinated efforts with such “Palestinian” islamochristians as Nabil Ateek (of Sabeel) and Hanan Ashrawi, and this effort continues, even as the Arab Christians themselves are menaced and attacked and driven to leave the territories foolishly handed over to the control of the “Palestinian Authority.”

There are twenty-two Arab states. They possess the same language and culture. If they don’t like the hell they have created for themselves — and 70% of the Arabs in Gaza wish that the Israelis would come back, come back and save them from themselves, from their own lords of misrule, but why should the Israelis return to rescue them, since the local Arabs will never recognize that it is the spirit of Islam, the attitudes and atmospherics that arise naturally from Islam, that explain the current — and future — condition of Gaza, which is only an extreme case of what one finds all over the Arab and Muslim world, a world of aggression, warfare, violence as a way to achieve political power which, in turn, is the way to seize control of wealth.


No, let them stay there, and not be allowed to come to our countries. For they do not arrive as grateful refugees, like refugees from the Nazis and Communists, who hated Nazism and Communism and were prepared to alert us to their evils and work towards their destruction. These are not “refugees” at all, but come with Islam, or in some cases islamochristianity, packed in their mental baggage. And when they unpack it, unpack that Islam which they do not abandon but rather spread, and when they become full-time informal propagandists — in the case of “Palestinains” — for the Lesser Jihad against Israel which is only a local manfiestation of a world-wide Jihad, it is we Infidels who suffer, not least from the swelling of Muslim ranks and power, and the disruption and unpleasantness and greater insecurity that ensue (how much does it cost to ensure that speecehs can be given freely? How much does it cost to monitor more Muslims, especialy the kind created in the fanatical hothouse of the “Palestinian” cause?) it is we Infidels who suffer. Our governments, deciding on immimgration policy, have no right to do this to us.

And why should we, after all, invite into our home, as Fred Thompson put it, those who do not and can not, because of their Belief-system, wish us, or our legal and political institutions, well? Why should we invite in those who, at the very least have been raised up to hate Infidels, and with a special passion, Jews? Should we have 100,000 more Muslims enter, becuase the experience with large-scale Muslim immigration in France and Great Britian and other countries of Western Europe has been so wonderful –or has it been such as to serve as a warning to us? Should we allow in another 100,000 becase among them there may be a Wafa Sultan? Or an ibn Warraq? Or an Ali Sina? Do we want to invite in to share a country build entirely by non-Muslims, on principles that are flatly contradicted by Islam, those whose inculcated loyaltyis solely to Islam and to fellow Believers?

We have no obligation to allow in those whose Total Belief-System goes against everything that makes America America, or France France, or Italy Italy, or England England, or Denmark Denmark.

No obligation at all


Nutroot madness

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  1. All bloggers,
    Please send this to all politicians and policy makers regardless of your country.
    We have to get through to them.

  2. The palestinians have made being permanent refugees an art form-no fatwas ordering them to stay put is necessary. This is good for the West, because we really don’t need more Sirhan Sirhans coming over.

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