Catmeat Sheik Hilali Replaced by ‘Moderate’ Jihad Mufti



Downer says good riddance to Catmeat sheik

Unfortunately old catmeat has not been stripped of citizenship and NSW police chief Mick Keelty didn’t have the guts to shake him down for supporting Hizbullah with money for their jihad against Israel and Lebanon. No, old catmeat Hilali and his brood will be with us for some time to come, make no mistake about that.

From the Sydney Morning Herald

Outgoing Islamic leader Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly did a bad job and embarrassed Australia’s Muslims, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said today.

Sheik al Hilaly stood down from the position of mufti yesterday after making a series of controversial remarks in the past year.

“I have to say I think that Sheik al Hilaly has done a very bad job as the leader of the Islamic community,” Mr Downer told Sky News.

“I know many Muslims who have been embarrassed by him and have felt he hasn’t done Islamic Australia any good at all.

* Downer is lying whenever he opens his mouth, just like Al Hilali, can you tell?

“Him standing down and a new mufti taking over, it has to be a step forward.”

Mr Downer said all religious groups in Australia had a duty to promote tolerance and compassion.

“Their leaders need to preach a message of moderation.

“They need to preach the message that we’re all Australians and we have some core Australian values.”

Wishful thinking by a filthy kuffar, Alexander…

However, the new leader of Australia’s Muslim community has defended his outspoken predecessor, saying the former mufti was misunderstood.

* You bet. They might have just as well elected Keysar Trad instead.

Here is the whole thing, read it:

* Same old, same old. They all believe in the same Koran, they all worship the same ‘prophet’ and they all are commanded to ‘fight the unbelievers and strike at their necks until they pay the jiziya or accept Islam, until all religion belongs to Allah’- Because the only thing that matters is Islam, nothing but Islam.

Andrew Bolt has a take on the new/old mufti of Melbourne:

Small steps, and far too late.

But while he’s still the imam of our largest mosque, at least the extremist Taj Din al-Hilali is no longer Mufti:

A 79-YEAR-OLD Lebanese-born cleric who had a stroke last year has been elected the nation’s new mufti after the controversial Taj Din al-Hilali quit yesterday.

Sheik Hilali was initially reappointed mufti by the nation’s imams, but decided to relinquish the position to prominent Melbourne-based cleric Fehmi Nagi al-Imam.


The new spiritual leader of Australia’s Muslims, Fehmi Nagi al-Imam, with his predecessor, Taj Din al-Hilali, in Melbourne. Picture: Michael Potter Hilali makes way for new mufti

Sheik Fehmi
, spiritual head of Preston Mosque in Melbourne’s north, is a former senior member of John Howard’s Muslim Community Reference Group.

The imam, who is also the general secretary of the Victorian Board of Imams, battled ill-health last year following (a) stroke.

Fehmi, a Victorian, is a moderate with excellent English, and I’ve enjoyed my conversations with him. I’ve long argued he should be Mufti instead.

But let us be clear what “moderate” means. It’s a purely relative term which still allows Fehmi plenty of opportunity to disappoint us in ways like this:

Only last week I’d praised Sheik Fehmi as a good man, who’d condemned the London bombings. But a day later he was asked about fellow Melbourne sheik Mohammed Omran, a friend of a suspected al-Qaida boss, who’d claimed September 11 was really the work of a US-based conspiracy.

“He is entitled to his own thinking,” Fehmi
replied meekly. Then, asked if Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida terrorists had committed those attacks, he added: ”We cannot say. We do not know these things.”

And this:

Why is a man who supports an Islamist group which the Australian Government has listed as a terrorist organisation serving as one of the Prime Minister’s Muslim advisors? …

Sheik Fehmi Naji el-Imam: “Long live freedom fighters [Hezbollah]… But we have to remember that we are still proud of what is taking place in Lebanon… We are proud of the freedom fighters.”

* Translation: Killing and being killed for Islam is ‘freedom’- suicide bombers and genocidal lunatics are martyr’s…

What else is new?


Hilali makes way for new mufti

Richard Kerbaj from The Australian

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  1. Great photo. Destabalizing infidel countries must be a laugh a minute obviously.

  2. Hilali will die if he doesn’t get publicity. He won’t fade away quietly.

  3. Being a pious muslim has it’s rewards,they have lost nothing.

    Being a dimmi has it’s curse,we have gained nothing.

    This photo is more inline with a ventrilaquists (sp)act.Except one dumby has his hand up another dumbys back.

    Maybe the chuckle in the photo was the news of the eldest having just consemated his marriage to his “yougest” bride.

  4. “Great photo.”

    Hilali’s wearing my old bedspread??

    Not mentioned in the Oz article, that I could see, is that “Sheik” Fehmi was appointed by the grandly titled “Council of Islamic Jurisprudence and Research”, which doesn’t seem to have much of a Google presence, until now. What is it, and what are its goals? Islamic Jurisprudence sounds like a euphemism for Sharia law to me. At least the terrorists are quite clear in their hatred of us, & their intention to destroy our nations & way of life, even if our politicians believe their own spin that Islam is a religion of …

  5. If Downer and co. were doing their job, there wouldn’t be any “Islamic Australia”; but it is the bitter fruit of failed multiculturalism, as everywhere it has been tried.

    Islamic Australia? No Thanks!

  6. So the new guy is going to SPEAK “softly, softly”, but his heart is in the same place. The danger is, he’ll parrot his taqiyya, won’t say anything directly outrageous as Hilaly did, and soon the MSM and the public will be lulled into ignoring the danger fulminating in their midst…

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