Germany: Koran Judge gets off

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Investigation Dropped Against German ‘Koran Judge’

A German judge under investigation for ruling against a speedy divorce for an abused Moroccan woman — who based her decision on the supposed Islamic “right to castigate” — will not be disciplined.

In her disputed ruling, the judge cited a controversial verse from the Koran that some say allows a husband the “right to castigate.”

In her disputed ruling, the judge Christa Datz-Winter, cited a controversial verse from the Koran that some say allows a husband the “right to castigate.”

Christa Datz Winter can no longer be named for ‘legal reasons’

The German judge who sparked controversy when she denied a speedy divorce to a battered woman because of her Islamic background (more…) will not be disciplined, an investigation has ruled. The Justice Ministry in the German state of Hesse has decided that the Frankfurt judge’s ruling did not overstep the acceptable limits of judicial independence.
The case began in October 2006, when a 26-year-old woman filed for immediate divorce from her husband, who had been making death threats to his wife after she left him because of his abusive behavior. German law requires that a couple wait a year between separation and divorce, but the woman’s lawyer believed that her circumstances met the “hardship” classification that allows for a speedier ruling.

But in January the judge — who cannot be named for legal reasons — denied the woman’s request because the couple was of Moroccan origin, citing a Koran verse that some say gives the husband the “right to castigate.” The lawyer, Barbara Becker-Rojczyk, filed a subsequent claim, saying the judge should remove herself from the case due to conflict of interest, which was also rejected. The judge, did, however, put a restraining order on the husband and grant the couple’s apartment to the wife.

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The judiciary in Germany has never been held accountable for being accessories and facilitators to Hitlers Nazi-schweinerei.

Today’s judges still benefit from this holier than thou attitude, which elevates judges so far over ordinary mortals that they are -almost never- held accountable. The female judge (who was named at the time) but can no longer be named ‘for legal reasons’ is protected by a self-serving system that makes sure it takes care of its own.

Not so different in Australia by the way…

Sharia on the move in a big way, according to this report: “Law enforcing agencies and a section of judicial system in Bangladesh were reported to be supportive towards imposing Sharia law in the country. Such systems are considering any activities such as highlighting Jewish culture and heritage even as blasphemous.”

German Judge Rules Koran Allows Wife Abuse

Here’s a cartoon that’s appearing in German newspapers in reaction to the female judge in Frankfurt who ruled that the Koran allows wife beating:

Oh, it’s a custom from the old country?! Why didn’t you say so

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