Gigantic Mosque Angers Germans


* Hmm. Looks like resistance against Arab imperialism is building everywhere in the western world. Everywhere from Boston to London, from Rome to Cairns/ Australia and from Berlin to Bern in Switzerland Muslims are determined to build their symbols of Islamic conquest. In the words of Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish PM: “The mosques are our barracks; the minarets are our bayonets …”


In Cologne, Germany, Muslims are building a gigantic mosque with 170-foot tall minarets, very near to the historic Cologne Cathedral. Many Germans are unhappy about the mosque, which will be one of the largest in Europe, and they should be—it’s a symbol of Islamic domination, and this kind of in-your-face provocation has been seen time and time again, in Western country after Western country: Construction of mosque ignites German hostility.

COLOGNE, Germany — The construction of one of Europe’s biggest mosques near a globally famous Christian landmark has sparked a furious dispute in Germany.

Immigration and integration are extremely sensitive issues in Germany, which is home to a Turkish community of several million.

But almost within the shadow of Cologne Cathedral, political correctness was replaced by bitter confrontation, as the city’s Muslims began building a 2,000-capacity mosque whose twin minarets will reach 170 feet.

“Muslims have been here for 40 years, yet people are praying in back rooms,” said Seyda Can, an Islamic theologian at the Turkish Islamic Union in Cologne. “There are 120,000 Muslims in Cologne, that’s 12 percent of the population. We should not hide.” …” With this mosque Muslims will no longer think of their old countries as their home, but of Germany,”

* That will do it, eh? No need to deal with any questions about Sharia or the overarching loyalty to the umma, transcending loyalty to any nation state, that has always been part of Islam? All that will just fly out the window as soon as this mosque is completed, I suppose?

“Two hundred years ago the first Protestant church was built in Cologne. It was a long process for Protestants to be accepted but today, of course, they are. Why can’t we be the same?”

* Because Islam is not the same. Protestantism is not incompatible with the European separation of religion from state power. Islam traditionally recognizes no such separation. What assurance can you give us that Muslims in Germany will acquiesce to this separation without any intention to impose Sharia in the future?


“Es gibt kein Grundrecht auf den Bau einer Großmoschee!” (Ralph Giordano).

“There is no fundamental right to build a mega-Mosque”

Some comments from LGF:

* Muslims in Germany behave the way muslims in every other European country do, I doubt ” hiding ” is the right word. Lurking might work.

* Are the Germans going to submit to Muslim screeches to prayer five times per day from those 170 foot tall speaker towers?

* Leading the charge is Ralph Giordano, a prominent Jewish author, who wrote recently that Germany is witnessing a “clash of two completely different cultures” and questioned whether they could ever be reconciled.
Stating that he had received death threats for his opinions, he added: “What kind of a state are we in that I can face a fatwa in Germany?”

For Mr. Uckermann, who belongs to the conservative CDU party of Chancellor Angela Merkel, Mr. Giordano’s comments smashed a long-held taboo in Germany.

“Giordano broke down the wall,” he said. “Before, if you criticized this monstrous mosque, you were a Nazi. But we have a problem with the integration of Muslims. It’s a question of language and culture.”

* Comment: No. Its not about language and culture. Its about a cult that uses religion for conquest and ‘booty’- its about the most vile and evil ideology that openly seeks to enslave and subjugate us.

Who says one person can’t make a difference? Hope this guy can afford protection services.

#62 Fjordman 6/25/2007 12:59:44 pm PDT
Notice that the left-leaning Der Spiegel complains about the “far-right” who are opposing this mosque, just like I am “far right” according to Wikipedia.

Far-Right Mobilizes against Cologne Mega-Mosque

* The slanderous header above is typical for the hysterical wankers from the far left who believe it is necessary to smear anyone opposing Islamofascism with words like ‘right wing’ or ‘Neo-Nazi’- just like many, if not most Arabs believe that Jews are, by being Jewish, already discredited.

* A right-wing citizens’ initiative is protesting against Germany’s largest mosque, which is being built in Cologne. They have enlisted the efforts of the far-right from Austria and Belgium in their fight against the “Islamization of Europe.

* Raise the alarm! And circulate to the City Fathers of Cologne, copies of the various Rules for Dhimmis as unearthed by Bat Ye’or’s researches – highlighting the fact that non-Muslims in Muslim lands were NOT PERMITTED TO BUILD HOUSES OR CHURCHES HIGHER THAN ANYTHING BUILT BY A MUSLIM. Ergo: every time Muslims set out to build a great big mosque in a western city, with minarets overtopping neighbouring churches, etc., it is an attempt to assert Domination.*

* Moonbatterish, pathetic slander from the left:

Jews, Neo-Nazis protest huge mosque in Germany

Neo-Nazis? Here is yet another indication of the deleterious effects of the abdication of the European political mainstream. Its refusal to confront and deal with the many and various effects of rapid, large-scale Muslim immigration into Europe leaves the field open to unsavory groups. Then the presence of such groups taints the whole issue and give ammunition to the Leftists and jihad apologists who claim that anyone who opposes the Islamization of Europe is a crypto-Nazi anyway. In a sane Europe, prime ministers and parliaments would be discussing Sharia, deciding just how much of it, if any, they intend to allow, and moving sternly against those who are trying to implement Sharia in their states. But we do not live in a sane age in Europe’s history.


“Huge mosque stirs protests in Cologne,” by Harry de Quetteville in the Telegraph, link to JW

* The slant of this article is an absolute piece of shit and a LIE. I was at the main demo and know what really happened!! Just another journalist trying to make hay where there is none.

BOO to Harry de Quetteville for lying and deceiving so blatantly!

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  1. I think the Muzbots should go very carefully when it comes to pissing off the Germans. Germans don’t mess about once they get going.

    That’s what comes of being culturally attuned to believing the holocaust was a hoax and didn’t really happen.

    They’ll learn … hopefully the easy way, but … well, they’ll learn anyway.

  2. Things are only going to get worse in the EU. If I were there, I’d emigrate – and fast.

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