“Human Rights” Yes, But Only For Muslims!

“Concern for the human rights of blacks is a white thingaccording to the African despot Robert Mugabe, and many like him.


* Muslims believe that ‘human rights’ are the privilege of Muslims only. Since infidels, mushrikeen and filthy kuffars are not human, how can they possibly claim human rights?

This is a belief firmly held by many Muslims even in high places, in organizations like the UN and various human rights organizations. One of the worst examples is the excremental Irene ‘Gulag’ Khan, who sees nothing wrong with soiling her own nest.

* These views are widely held in the strange & weird world of Islam, especially in Saudi Arabia, as we can see here:

Monday in Saudi Arabia:

“‘We Don’t Need Foreign Groups to Come and Teach Us Human Rights,'”

by Raid Qusti for Arab News:

Maj. Gen. Ali Al-Harithy, the director general of prisons, said yesterday that prisoners in the Kingdom were not tortured or beaten on a large scale, and that beatings were “individual cases,” which should not be generalized.
Al-Harithy was referring to a report released last week by the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) in Saudi Arabia. “Regulations, directives and the constitution state clearly that there should not be any violations against prisoners. … There are, however, individual mistakes, but that rarely happens. And if it does happen, then prisoner rights are fulfilled by punishing offenders,” he said.

Al-Harithy criticized visits by foreign human rights groups to the Kingdom, which recently included prison visits by Human Rights Watch. “We do not need foreign organizations to come here and teach our sons and daughters human rights. We are obliged to protect human rights by ourselves without anyone coming from outside and implying that we have to care about human rights in ‘the land of humanity’,” he said.


Public beheading in Sowdi Arabia

So much for that. Human Rights Watch is only good for condemning Israel.

Tuesday in Iran: “Talks Can Bolster Iraq Sovereignty,” from Iran Daily:

The European Union should make efforts to improve its own human rights situation instead of focusing on conditions in Iran.
Reacting to recent statements of the European Union rotating president, Jose Manuel Barroso, who expressed concern over human rights conditions in Iran, Mohammad Ali Hosseini said Barroso’s remarks constitute interference in Iran’s internal affairs, Fars News Agency reported.

* Memories of the old Soviet Union…

“Barroso should better concentrate on social maladies in EU member-states and evident cases of human rights violation in many EU countries” he said.

Hosseini opined that the EU should focus on human rights violation in their secret prisons, the use of European airports for transferring CIA prisoners and violation of the rights of ethnic and religious minorities, particularly Muslims, immigrants and asylum-seekers.

The EU can investigate others, but don’t meddle in our private affairs.



Stoning Victim


“We will never surrender Islam in the face of human rights concerns”

He said it. “Iranian regime’s judiciary advisor defends the inhumane punishment by stoning,” from the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (thanks to Dhimmi Watch)

NCRI – Mohammad-Javad Larijani, the mullahs’ Judiciary Chief Advisor and an ideologue within the clerical regime, attended a gathering of “Prosecutors from Islamic Capitals in Tehran,” in which he defended the inhumane punishment of stoning and said, “We will never surrender Islam in the face of human rights concerns … During the adoption of these (human rights) laws, the world of Islam was in complete ignorance while liberals and secular parties formulated and imposed these laws onto the entire world … We must elucidate punishment by stoning clearly to those who denounce it. We had a revolution so that Islamic laws would be implemented … We will never give up Islam in the face of these challenges” (State-run news agency ILNA, May 30, 2007).
In another development, Saeed Agha Sadeghi, an advisor to the Chief of the Iranian regime’s Prisons Organization announced that the youth arrested and charged with being “thugs and hooligans” during the recent wave of crackdowns “will be denied all privileges in prison.” This is clearly an inhumane measure, which blatantly violates all international norms with regards to treatment of prisoners.

* Protest against the tyrannical rule of the mullah’s and you are a ‘thug and a hooligan’ without any human rights…


Islam ‘elevates’ women

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of the United Nations Secretary General, High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN Human Rights Council, and all international human rights organizations to the rising and systematic human rights violations in Iran. It also calls for the referral of the mullahs’ appalling human rights record to the UN Security Council for the adoption of binding decisions.


A comment from an informed poster at Dhimmi Watch:

We will never surrender Islam in the face of human rights concerns … During the adoption of these (human rights) laws, the world of Islam was in complete ignorance
Islam is still in complete ignorance of the modern world and the people in Iran that follow this cult seem to want to return the seventh century where they were overlords of a lot of the known world and kept Female slaves and we need to remember the Islamic version of human rights to a Muslim only applies to Muslims because they only consider themselves a fully human person, and they will exploit and protect the dhimmi because of the protection money they can squeeze from them the following is a example
Maududi likewise wrote that non-Muslims have “absolutely no right to seize the reins of power in any part of God’s earth, nor to direct the collective affairs of human beings according to their own misconceived doctrines.” If they do, “the believers would be under an obligation to do their utmost to dislodge them from political power and to make them live in subservience to the Islamic way of life.”

But Qutb and Maududi did not originate these ideas. They are an extrapolation of Qur’anic passages such as 9:29, which assumes that Muslims will wield state power over Jews and Christians, exacting from them a poll tax (jizya) and making sure that they pay it “with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” There is no concept in the Qur’an, Islamic tradition, or Islamic law of non-Muslims living as equals with Muslims in an Islamic state: Muslims must be in a superior position. The Muslim prophet Muhammad emphasized this