Last Weeks Action in Gaza


Hamas fighters fought a bloody battle on Thursday for the Preventative Security headquarters of forces loyal to President Abbas. Witnesses reported gangland-style executions of captured Fatah fighters.


The Palestian President Mahmoud Abbas declared a state of emergency in the Palestinian Territories on Thursday, sacking the Hamas-Fatah coalition. His Fatah movement controls the West Bank, but Hamas is now in charge in the Gaza Strip.



The numerically superior Fatah forces were beaten by the more organized and motivated Hamas fighters.

[Dr. Aaron Lerner – IMRA: Reality check:

#1. “Moderate” Mahmoud Abbas continues to take the position that he will not
disarm the various illegally armed groups.

#2 The illegal groups include “moderate” Abbas’ own “moderate” Fatah

#3 The “moderate” Fatah’s gunmen have been actively involved in planning and
executing terror attacks against Israel.

#4 The top focus of “moderate” Abbas’ forces continues to be capturing
Palestinian “collaborators” whose crime is providing Israel with information
so that Israel can thwart terror attacks. Just this morning, Israel Radio
Arab Affairs Correspondent Gal Berger reported this morning that Fatah
forces executed a Palestinian in Nablus today who they claimed was a

#5 “Moderate” Abbas makes no bones about it: the use of violence against
Israel isn’t a question of right and wrong. It is a question of efficacy.
The day he determines that he can get more with bullets than talks the
bullets will fly. So you can have all the Kodak moments you want signing
various agreements, etc. – after Abbas gets all he can without killing
Israelis he will kill Israelis. That’s because after you peel away the PC
talk, his ultimate demands remain unchanged both in terms of territory and
right of return: the creation of a situation that means the destruction of
the Jewish State.]


Hanegbi: No opportunity in Gaza situation Staff, THE JERUSALEM POST Jun. 17, 2007

Head of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Tzahi Hanegbi
(Kadima) said Sunday that the new situation in the Gaza Strip did not create
any new political opportunity for Israel and the Palestinians, and that
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was weaker than ever, Israel
Radio reported.



Palestinians gather around the remains of the statue of The Unknown Soldier after it was brought down by Palestinian militants in Gaza City, Sunday, June 17, 2007. Militants tore down Gaza’s unknown soldier early Sunday morning, smashing the statue’s head, and dumping the fiberglass remains in the Strip’s main square. The Unknown Soldier once stood a Gaza park close to the parliamentary building, his head upright and his hand raised into the sky. The statue’s location was a popular place for militant press conferences, where lovers secretly met and men smoked water pipes in the evening. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)


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  1. Ya gotta love those ‘moderate’ jihadi terrorists…

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    elect some terrorists

    who will keep war alive
    use you as human shields

    Israel –
    matchbook to football field
    of Muslim land

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