Palistani Arabs in Love with Iran’s Nukes

Not that Condi Rice or her master would ever notice. Perhaps she should have a look at the history of jihad, here

By Yaakov Lappen from Ynet News (thanks to JW)

Of 37 populations around the world, Palestinians rank first in their level of support for a nuclear-armed Iran, a new poll has revealed. The survey, taken by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, found that 58 percent of the Palestinian public are in favor of Tehran acquiring atomic weapons, making Palestinians the only Middle Eastern population not opposed to an Iranian bomb.
“Most of the Muslim countries surveyed have negative or mixed opinions of Iran. Majorities among just three Muslim publics – in Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Palestinian territories – say they favor Iran acquiring nuclear weapons,” the survey said.

The poll added that “positive views of Iran have declined sharply over the past year in three Muslim countries – Indonesia, Egypt, and, especially, Turkey.”

When it came to attitudes towards the US, Israel and the Palestinians were placed, unsurprisingly, on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Unsurprisingly? When you consider all the money the U.S. has poured into the PA, one would think Palestinians would be overflowing with gratitude. But of course, this sort of thing never wins over the hearts and minds of those who are imbued with jihadist attitudes — which doesn’t stop American officials from trying it over and over again anyway.

* Comment from JW: For the past 14 centuries, islamic territory is expanding and infidel territory is shrinking. Kosovo is falling. Kashmir and Chechenya will be next and the infidels will end up bombing each other in trying to appease the muslims. The U.S. has already bombed the Serbs, it may end up bombing India and Russia over Kashmir and Chechenya. jihad continues. Successfully.

“War is Deception” said Muhammad. Abu Maazen keeps on Deceiving


Abbas outlaws weapons…on paper only

We keep hearing the same old rhetoric used to describe the new and improved moderate Fatah government: “New Government,” “New Opportunity,” “Fresh Start,” etc. PA and Fatah Chairman Mahmoud Abbas continues to play his role in this ugly game to perfection. In the true spirit of “moderation,” he has outlawed all weapons that are not in the hands of his Security Service (S.S.). “Abbas bans carrying explosives, arms without license in W. Bank,” from Ha’aretz :

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday outlawed all armed Palestinian groups except for the official PA security services.
“On the basis of the declaration of a state of emergency in the Palestinian territories, and by virtue of my authority, all armed militias, groups and brigades that do not belong in practice to the security services shall be treated as illegal organizations,” read the first order.

The US, Eurabia and Israel is paying for this deception. More…

Sideshow Iraq: 20 beheaded bodies found in Iraq

Not to worry: Surely we can talk about it, right?

Apparently Shi’ite retaliation for the last Sunni massacre. The law of retaliation (qisas), based on Qur’an 2:178, establishes a never-ending cycle of revenge.

By Sinan Salaheddin for Associated Press

BAGHDAD – Bombing kills 22 at Baghdad bus station


AP Photo: A woman passes destroyed vehicles at a bus station in the Baiyaa neighborhood in Baghdad,…

while a parked car bomb killed another 20 people in one of the capital’s busy outdoor bus stations, police said.
The beheaded remains were found in the Sunni Muslim village of Um al-Abeed, near the city of Salman Pak, which lies 14 miles southeast of Baghdad.

The bodies — all men aged 20 to 40 years old — had their hands and legs bound, and some of the heads were found next to the bodies, two officers said on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information.

Meanwhile, a parked car bomb ripped through a crowded transport hub in southwest Baghdad’s Baiyaa neighborhood at morning rush hour, killing at least 20 people and wounding more than 50, another officer said on the same condition.

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  1. Apart from thier war against the west they commit atrocities against themselves all over the world and no lefty says anything. How pathetic.

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