Peace is coming to Thailand

The ‘Religion of Peace’-

of course. What did you think?

We were just getting fed up with the usual template:

Religion of Peace Strikes Again in Thailand: Al Reuters and AP report bulls#*t…

Three more dead and 17 wounded in the south Thailand jihad: Bomb kills 3, wounds 17 in Thailand’s Muslim south.

YALA, Thailand – A roadside bomb killed three people and wounded 17 in Thailand’s rebellious Muslim south as they were buying food on Wednesday, police said.

The remote-controlled 5-kg (11-lb) bomb hidden in the basket of a motorcycle exploded near food stalls in the city of Yala, capital of one of three southern provinces where more than 2,100 people have been killed in a three-year-old separatist insurgency, police said.

Five of the wounded were hurt seriously, they said.

Nobody claims responsibility for the daily gun or bomb attacks in the far south, annexed by predominately Buddhist Thailand a century ago, where most people speak a Malay dialect.

“Nobody claims responsibility?” Then why are Reuters and the Associated Press so insistent that the murder spree is being committed by “resurgent separatist Muslim insurgents?”

The MSM sux…

Thailand fears Iran Fatwa, Pulls Film

* Craven is the only word for this: Iranian cartoon pulled from film festival. If it was a jihad flick with a few beheadings it would have been just right, no?

THAILAND has caved in to pressure from Iran and withdrawn the animated movie Persepolis, about a girl growing up and feeling repressed under Islamic rule, from next month’s Bangkok International Film Festival.

“I was invited by the Iranian embassy to discuss the matter and we both came to mutual agreement that it would be beneficial to both countries if the film was not shown,” festival director Chattan Kunjara na Ayudhya said today.

“It’s a good film, but there are other considerations.”

The film, based on the popular French comic books of Iranian director and writer Marjane Satrapi, drew complaints from the government-affiliated Iran Farabi Foundation when it was screened at this year’s Cannes Film Festival in France.

In a letter published by several news organisations, the foundation said the film “presented an unrealistic face of the achievements and results of the glorious Islamic Revolution in some of its parts”.

3 thoughts on “Peace is coming to Thailand”

  1. Give up everything and let muslims kill more Thai. This is what we have to do now because we are helpless as long as we have corrupted leaders who are not able to unveil the truth about Islam. Islam was spread using sword and using different forms of terrorism. To-day they can’t do it, so they are using other tactics by hiding the true face of Islam.

  2. Achievements and results of the glorious Iranian revolution? I suppose setting a modern nation back 1000 years and turning it into the sponsor for most of the world’s terrorism is indeed quite a noteworthy achievement.

    Shame on Thailand for withdrawing the movie. But then again, given the soft approach the Thais have taken on dealing with their peaceful ones it isn’t too surprising.

  3. Withdrawal of the film?

    Having a Muzbot general leading the coup and now the government helped I’m sure.

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