Pirates of the Persian Gulf


Iran Kidnaps 3 Finn Fishermen 

The mad mullahs kidnap at will and the world says nothing. And the UN does nothing. And Iran gears up for world war.

Three Finns Abducted in The Persian Gulf by Iran……. Tundra Tabloids

Iran is once again involved in another swashbuckling adventure, this time it involves three Finnish employees of Nokia Siemens Networks (based in Dubai) were on a fishing trip at the time of their abduction.

“Finnish authorities have not been allowed to speak to the men. However, “Iranian officials say the Finns are in no danger and are being treated well,” says Pasi Tuominen, a senior official of the Foreign Ministry. “We don’t know at this moment what their status is.”

According to Esa Hutrig, Chargé d’affairs at the Finnish Embassy:

“Normally these are not very big things,” “This kind of accident happens to fishermen very often…Accidents happen.”

Normally, an incident such as this would be treated in rational and reasonable way, but this is Iran, which can never be expected to behave in a rational and reasonable way.


Finns Freed By Iranian Authorities 

But whatever happened to this guy? 

16 thoughts on “Pirates of the Persian Gulf”

  1. Obviously, Finland is one of the little Satans with designs on Iran. These three guys were clearly spies looking for the perfect landing zones for the Finnish marines.

    Will somebody do something about Iran already? Anybody? Saddam Hussein is looking better by the day-at least he had guts enough to tackle Satan Khomeini’s minions. Nobody else can make that claim.

  2. “but this is Iran, which can never be expected to behave in a rational and reasonable way.”

    Are you referring to the treatment that the UK soldiers endured when they veered off course a couple of months ago and were held captive for a week ? Give me a break !!!! The paranoia displayed here is laughable.

  3. They didn’t veer off course. This has been established.

    The Iranians are going all out to bring on the islamic equivalent of apocalypse: the coming of the Mahdi (twelfth imam).

    And I think ISLAMSFORLOSERS is no doubt referring to other acts the Iranians have had their hands in:

    For instance sending weapons to insurgents , hizbollah and now the taliban as well.
    And let’s not forget their favourite pastime of threatening to wipe Israel off the map. If any other country had said this the UN would have acted as they should have and censured it. (I refer to the Useless Nations).

    I know countries have invaded other countries but no one has said what the Iranians have said, and invasion is not the same as obliteration, as far as I know.

  4. whether they veered off course or not is irrelevant. The fact is theywere treated with dignity and respect and returned to the UK. I thought good Muslims were supposed to “slay the unbelievers wherever they find them”.

    Gramfam, I think you’ve been watching too many GW Bush movies. Iranians are not the scary monsters you think they are. I’d be more concerned about he wacko red neck Xtians in America’s bibel belt that are predicting an end to the world “in the very near future”.

  5. Hey Atheist. I mainly watch musicals, and bio’s, lol! They are my favourite genres! Ooops, and westerns.

    Wrong again. Ask: don’t assume.

    I am not a big GWB fan at all, FYI. Which movies is he in?

    I will watch out for those Christians and rednecks as soon as one of them flies into the Sears tower,ok? That will even the score,no?

    I don’t think they were treated with dignity. They revealed that when they got home.

    And now Iran is aiding Syria with a possible attack on Israel.

    I have some faith in the Iranian people. I know most of them are not happy with their leaders. They are young and want more than sharia law.

    I hope they get rid of him before he creates misery for everyone.

  6. GF,,,,

    the link from the The Australian was boring…. get yourself a good dose of Christopher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins , or even Einstein for that matter.
    That should cure any doubts you have about the benefits/evils of religion.
    I am actually starting to think that you may be atheist yourself – at least agnostic anyway …

  7. Atheist.
    I told you I was an agnostic ages ago. You try to attack on every little level and with little success. You are somewhat blinded by your need to pigeonhole people, IMHO. You won’t succeed with me.

    The issue as I see it simple. I have respect for people who practice their religions. They have a right to chose.

    I do not have respect for islam because I don’t see it as a religion.

    I do not see any equivalence between islam and other religions whatever because the freedom to think and question doesn’t exist in islam.
    This is evidenced by the changes that occurred throughout history in Judeo-Christian behaviour. Islam wants back to the middle ages.

    Boring article? I didn’t think so. Have seen a lot of Hitchens and Dawkins,,surprise, surprise!

  8. GF
    An agnostic is someone who is too gutless to call themselves an atheist…

    bit like Andrew Bolt

  9. Atheist,

    that is truly pathetic, and as “logical” as all your other crap.

    I would hardly want to be in the ranks of atheism if they are anything like you. Your opinion only.
    My opinion: you haven’t got a clue and are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Happy to be in a group of people who are not like you.

    Why? Because your closed mind and left blinkers prevent you from enquiring into further fields with any objectivity. How sad.

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