‘Religion of Peace’ plans attacks, goes ballistic over Rushdie


Britain’s knighthood to the author Salman Rushdie contributes to insulting Islam and may lead to terrorism, a Pakistani minister has said.

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Times Online:

“If Muslims do not unite, the situation will get worse and Salman Rushdie may get a seat in the British parliament.”

Iran has also condemned Rushdie’s knighthood, with hardliners issuing calls for his murder today. Mehdi Kuchakzadeh, a Tehran MP, declared: “It would be a hollow dream for the Queen of England to think that with such an action she could revive one of her mercenaries to oppose Islam… Rushdie died the moment the late Imam (Ayatollah Khomeini) issued the fatwa.”

Backed by the Government, the Pakistan parliament today voted unanimously in favour of a resolution calling on Britain to withdraw the proferred knighthood because it is an insult to “the sentiments of Muslims across the world” and created religious hatred.

6 thoughts on “‘Religion of Peace’ plans attacks, goes ballistic over Rushdie”

  1. The least they could do is write their own signs. I did not think that up, a dude coded named Ronin at Dr. bulldogs stated it first. But, I agree.

    Look at those moon god worshipping POS!

  2. Good for Her Majesty………I hope the British government do not kick up a stink, there must be no backdown over this.
    I think that any way we can annoy the muslim world at this juncture is a good thing.
    War is coming whether we like it or not and sooner rather than later is the prefered option.
    Of course we are already at war but nobody has declared it.

  3. This is good. They are just proving that Rushdie was correct in calling the koran “The Satanic Verses”.

    If it weren’t so dangerous it would be hysterically funny.

    They seem to get a bit more active whenever elections seem to be close, or new leaders on the horizon. Now that Blair is going they are trying to intimidate the next one.

  4. One thing I have noticed, neither the media, or the blog are showing much respect for him. (sarc)

    We should start using his proper title,
    Sir Salman Rushdie

    Now that will really goat the Fuckers

  5. Correction

    Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie

    सलमान रश्दी

    or better still

    سلمان رشدی;

  6. This is how Islam works, see the whole Pakistan, everyone is shouting. From this we should understand that all Islamic nations are terrorist nations because they all support those terrorist fighting against the World. In Quran it has already mentioned about fighting against infidels.

    The West should not obbey these Islamists and we should call Salman Rushdie “Sir” becuase he is the first man who exposed those setanic verses. Quran is with full of setanic verses. This is the truth.

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