Terror Plot Involves Islamic Extremists; Police Have ‘Crystal Clear’ Picture of Suspect

Brian Ross and Richard Esposito Report:

British police have a “crystal clear” picture of the man who drove the bomb-rigged silver Mercedes outside a London nightclub, and officials tell the Blotter on ABCNews.com he bears “a close resemblance” to a man arrested by police in connection with another bomb plot but released for lack of evidence.

Officials say the suspect had been taken into custody in connection with the case of al Qaeda operative Dhiren Barot (pictured), who was convicted of orchestrating a vehicle bomb plot involving targets in London, New York, Newark, N.J. and Washington, D.C.


* His mother will say ‘he would never do a thing like that’- his father will say ‘he was a quiet boy and a good Muslim’ and the neighbors will be shocked, shocked! And his brothers and sisters will worry about the backlash, you know: BACKLASH??!!!

Officials say a surveillance camera caught the suspect “staggering from the Mercedes” shortly after parking it outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub.

Special Report Video Multiple Bombs in Foiled Plot

U.S. and British law enforcement officials tell ABC News it is increasingly clear Friday’s bomb plot in London involves multliple vehicles, and is described by a senior official as a “terror plot involving lslamic extremists.”

The silver Mercedes sedan discovered early Friday morning outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub
in Piccadilly Circus appears to have been stolen in early June and was spotted in the last two days, first in Scotland and then in Birmingham, England, according to law enforcement officials.

Photos Police Investigate Car Bombs in London

The car contained five or six propane and butane gas cylinders as well as 33 gallons of gasoline, all rigged to detonate with calls to two cell phones. Officials say the cell phones failed to initiate the explosions, even after each phone had been called twice.

Pamela has more…

Blackburn car dealer admits terror bomb plot

By Charlotte Bradshaw


AMBUSHED: Bomb plotter Junade Feroze’s car is surrounded by anti-terrorist police when he was caught in Cherry Tree, Blackburn, in August, 2004
A BLACKBURN car dealer has admitted being involved in an Al Qaeda terrorist bomb plot.

Junade Feroze, 31, of Malham Gardens, Blackburn, was one of four men who pleaded guilty to plotting against the UK and the United States.

 ‘Backlash – Shocked…’

Coun Arshid Mahmood, who represents Corporation Park ward, said he thought that most of the Muslim population in Blackburn woud be “shocked at anything which is connected to terrorist activity.” 


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