The Real Face of the Israel Boycott Movement: Pure Hatred


The dust of the UCU boycott brouhaha is still in the air, but the first glimpses of the practical effect the resolutions might have could be already seen. When the leading UK universities such as the ones belonging to the Russel Group reject the idea outright, there is not a lot left of the resolution in its practical meaning.
But the boycott, I am afraid, wasn’t at all about a short term practical goal. The people who spearhead the boycott drive could not care less about the scientific freedom or about cooperation on the joint projects. Moreover – they know very well that scientific cooperation cannot and will not be stopped by a Stalinist style embargo on knowledge.
No, this is not what they work for. They pursue a different long term target – that of stripping the hated Zionist entity of legitimization. The mere fact of Israel’s existence is the thorn in their side, and nothing, including the most unholy alliances, will deter them from that goal.
To see the real face of the boycott movement leaders, it is sufficient to view the clip that recorded the amazing treatment of the last Israel-Lebanon war by John Rose* – the leader and main sponsor of the boycott motion. I have made the effort and made it to the end of the clip, so can you (although it may make you sick, so be warned).
While the wild mix of lies, half-truths and sheer ignorance is peerless, there is another feature of the clip that is really exceptional: the level of hate displayed by this character. It distorts the speech and it distorts the face so strongly that there really is only one historic prototype that comes to mind:

No, it is not a submission to the “separated at birth” contest, and I apologize in advance before every reader that may be offended by the comparison. Still, there was nothing else that could be compared to this extraordinary eruption of hate – not even the speeches by Rose’s spiritual mentor – one Sheik Nasrallah, levelheaded and balanced in comparison.
And if you have the patience to view the clip to the end, you shall see that nothing short of destruction of the Zionist Entity will satisfy our good speaker. And that his hypocritical care about Lebanese and Palestinians’ lot is a very minor theme of his hate speech.
Topple, disband, eliminate… of course, Mr Rose does not mean “kill them all”. There is no need to add that part, really. Just to lick the chops in eager anticipation.

Not in your lifetime, quisling.

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