Trinidad: Ratbag Journo’s Expose Terror-Plot Informant

JFK Plot Informant US Citizen

Trinidad newspaper tells all – everything about the informant that saved tens of thousands of American lives. The leftards love to question his motives. But who cares? This man helped the war effort and now he and his entire family are in terrible jeopardy.
Shame on us. Read the whole thing here in The Trinidad Express. Even the Trinidadians are mortified. The people of Trinidad love the US and despise the traitors in their midst (read the reader comments that follow the article.)

What the hell is going on in Trinidad. This guy is as good as dead. Dead I tell you. His family? Dead. , They will get it from all sides for being a snitch. The informant was a known drug dealer. They got his mug shot fro an USA arrest. I thought depositions were supposed to be confidential?


Who will come forward to help America fight the jihad now? WHO?



JFK terror plot informant is US citizen

The convicted drug dealer who blew the whistle on the JFK terror plot and has been named as an informant in the deposition against the four suspects, Guyanse nationals Russell Defreitas, Abdul Kadir and Abdel Nur, and Trinidadian Kareem Ibrahiim, has been identified as Terry DeSouza, a US citizen.

The Guyanese Police, reports out of Guyana said yesterday, have since taken DeSouza’s maid into custody for questioning.

DeSouza, of stocky build and a Muslim, reportedly told persons with whom he boarded while in Guyana that he was originally from the Dominican Republic, and gave them his number there as 917-301-6582. He told them that his Muslim name was Anas Nabdel.

The media is reporting his cell phone number?

Media reports suggested that a group of Muslim men broke their silence on his identity on Wednesday, noting too that DeSouza left owing them Guy$340,000 for boarding and lodging after he departed Guyana.

You mean to say we didn’t protect this man?

The men said that DeSouza, when he arrived in Guyana, expressed an interest in establishing a fat-pork (a fruit in abundance in Linden) project. He was interested too in lime soap and exporting boards and staves.

The men said it was they who took him to Linden and while there he was introduced to Kadir.

They subsequently parted ways with him after he began showing an interest in Adnan Gulshair el-Shukrijumah, a nuke phantom being targeted by the FBI and one of Osama Bin Laden’s henchmen.

DeSouza reportedly told the men he had a message for el-Shukrijumah, and had requested that the Guyanese men accompany him to Trinidad and Tobago for a meeting with el-Shukrijumah, reports said.

El Shakrujumah is the son of a Guyanese man who headed a masjid in Florida. Subsequent to the news that the son was one of the most wanted people, the members of the mosque sacked El Shakrujumah’s father, who later became ill.

Pamela from Atlas Shrugs has more…

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  1. “Who will come forward to help America fight the jihad now? WHO?”

    Muslim Public Affairs Council, perhaps? After all, their “report” on Muslim youth cites “prejudice and discrimination against Muslims as a “root cause” of radicalization.”

    And shades of Howard with his “Muslim Advisory Council” and Blair throwing millions of Pounds at “educating” Muslims in moderation, MPAC urges “fighting bad theology with good theology” and proposes solutions from forming a U.S. advisory board of young Muslims to placing Muslim chaplains on every American college campus.

    America and the West will not defeat the Islamic jihad by threatening to implement even more appeasement of Muslims, but it seems to be all the West’s current “leaders” can come up with.

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