Alarm grows over Muslim youth in Germany

By Jean-Baptiste Piggin, dpa

* The government says it is seeking a trade-off, where Germany changes some laws to accommodate Muslims while the Islamic community commits itself to German democracy.

Fat chance.

Berlin (dpa) – German government talks with the Islamic community reflect growing concern in Berlin that the angry children of immigrants may turn to terrorism because they are excluded from German prosperity.

* Ever heard of the global jihad?

A government briefing document released Wednesday in Berlin spoke of the “growing difficulties that second and third generation immigrants have finding a place in school and the jobs market.”


Germany has already been slammed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) over the low educational performance of immigrant children in schools. Many leave school without any qualifications.

* Immigrant children enjoy the same access to education as everybody else. If Muslims leave school without qualifications, could it be that it has something to do with Islam?

Recent news reports have highlighted the low success rate for young people with Turkish or Middle Eastern names when they apply by letter for jobs or scarce apprenticeships.

The German Islam Conference was set up seven months ago by Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, who is not only responsible for religious issues but also Germany’s fight against terrorism.

German officials have been shocked by the emergence of terrorism among young British Muslims with roots in Pakistan and India, and worry that Germany faces a similar risk.

Government figures show there are up to 3.4 million people of Islamic heritage among Germany’s 82-million population.

More than half, or 1.8 million, are Turkish nationals. Aliens data show other large groups include 160,000 Bosnians, 70,000 Moroccans, 60,000 Iranians and 55,000 Afghans. About 1 million German nationals are Muslim.

Muslims settled in Germany in large numbers in the 1960s, when Germany recruited factory labour from Turkey. The Interior Ministry says 90 per cent of German Muslims are of non-Arab origin.

Sunni Muslims predominate, numbering about 2.5 million, while more than 500,000 are Alawites. Some Muslims do not accept Alawites as part of Islam. Only about 200,000 of Muslims in Germany are Shiite.

Mosques are generally run by associations, which can be freely established under German law and own property.

However, the interior ministry says only 10 to 15 per cent of Muslims are formally members of such associations or of secular groups representing their ethnicities.

The principal Muslim groups are the Ditib Turkish Islamic Religious Foundation, the Islamic Council of Germany, the Central Council of Muslims, the Federation of Islamic Culture Centres VIKZ and the Alawite Community.

The first four formed a coordination committee in March to speak with a single voice.

State estimates indicate there are 2,500 mosques in Germany, many of them little more than large rented rooms in office buildings or former factories.

Most of the estimated 2,250 imams employed in Germany have been seconded to Germany from Turkey or Arab nations and the Islamic Conference is expected to discuss asking a German university to train home-grown imams.


5 thoughts on “Alarm grows over Muslim youth in Germany”

  1. “German officials have been shocked by the emergence of terrorism among young British Muslims …”

    Reading about Islam and Muslims and the “shock” reactions to the latest threat is like reading the Melbourne Truth 30 years ago.

    Islam, like the “Truth”, has long since lost any “shock horror” value for me.

    RAID – Keeps mozzies away outdoors!

  2. Mullah:
    you are giving your age away. Me too. I remember the “Truth”!

    This is so ironic. Hitler the anti-semite, yet arabs are semites. Guess the fuehrer would have made an exception.

  3. You want to import more foreign workers? Behold the results by looking at Germany. The US can and should learn a lesson there but Bush and others refuse. It sure will be nice when he imports some Iraqis-who will probably show the usual Islamaniac gratitude via jihadism. As for the Germans making a deal with the peaceful ones that deal will only be one sided-toward the peaceful ones.

  4. German government talks with the Islamic community reflect growing concern in Berlin that the angry children of immigrants may turn to terrorism because they are excluded from German prosperity.

    It is not about prosperty. Muslims on welfare in Germany, are far better off then in Muslim nations they came from. In any case, they dont want to work, and are incompetant to do any but the most menial work, for which they feel they, as Muslims are far too superior to take on.

    This leaves the German government only one option – employ them in the state and federal government. This is what has happeened in Britain, where some 20- 30% of immigration officers are Muslims, while being just 2% or 3% of the population.

    Just think, the government of the UK, charged with the defence of realm, has left the gates in the hands of Muslims.

  5. The French are dealing with it head on – either sign the contract of integration or forget about applying to remain in France.

    It is Europe’s own fault. It was acting like a rich man who buys so many thing and then doesn’t care what happens to them after. Rich Europe took in all these immigrants, to do menial work, but their offspring don’t want to do those same jobs. Problem solved by bringing in more immigrants, to do menial work, and the problem is then compounded as the children of these new immigrants refuse to lift a broom or work the factory as enthusiastically as their fathers did.

    Primarily these immigrants were peasants in the old country, now culture shocked into isolation; they continue their traditions and close to identical way of life – in Europe. The immigration continues as they marry their children off to those in Turkey, at each generation, reducing further their chances of integration – of course while the state i.e. everyone else pays for it.

    Germany should get tough like the French – shot down this marriage chain, and if they want to remain in the country force them to show some loyalty to their adopted country. Otherwise it might be cheaper to offer them some money and repatriate them back to their country and old way of life.

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