“Everyone Should Be Able To Love Their Doctor”

Yes. But what if he is a Muhammedan and a committed jihadist?


Your good doctor is on the way

More doctors held in Britain

* The moonbats from the MSM are at a loss as to how doctors can be involved in jihad. But didn’t the Nazi’s also have doctors, lawyers and judges among them who supported their ideology?

* The Doctors’ Jihad Plot continues to widen. Several people have asked me, How can doctors who swear to do no harm get involved in a mass murder plot? The answer, of course, is that a jihadist will not consider himself bound by an infidel oath taken before an infidel authority, and sees his loyalty to the Islamic umma as paramount, and allowing for the justification of virtually any act.

The educational achievements of the suspects in the car-bomb attempts is in sharp contrast to the men that carried out the deadly July 7 transit bombings two years ago.

The ringleader of that attack, Mohammed Siddique Khan, had a degree in business studies, but with low marks, and his three fellow suicide bombers had little or no higher education.

In the current case, Muhammad Haneef, a 27-year-old doctor from India arrested late Monday in Brisbane, Australia, worked in 2005 at Halton Hospital near Liverpool in northern England, hospital spokesman Mark Shone said.

Another Indian doctor, 26, arrested late Saturday in Liverpool, worked at the same hospital, Mr. Shone confirmed, but refused to divulge his name.

A third suspect, Mohammed Jamil Asha, a 26-year-old doctor from Jordan of Palestinian heritage, was arrested Saturday with his wife, Marwa Asha, 27, who was identified in British press reports as a medical assistant. He worked at North Staffordshire Hospital, near the Midlands town of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

A doctor at Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, near Glasgow, who refused to give his name, said he recognized Dr. Asha as a doctor who kept an office there — the same hospital where another suspect, Bilal Talal Abdul Samad Abdulla, worked.

According to friends of Dr. Abdulla’s family in Iraq, the 27-year-old doctor came to Britain after graduating from medical school in Baghdad. He was a passenger in the Jeep Cherokee that rammed into the Glasgow Airport.

The Jeep’s driver — identified by staff at Royal Alexandra Hospital as a Lebanese doctor named Khalid Ahmed — was in critical condition at that hospital from burns suffered in the attack. Police would not confirm his identity.

Investigators think the same men who parked the explosives-laden cars in London may have also driven the blazing SUV in Glasgow, the British security official said.

The final two suspects, ages 25 and 28, were arrested by police Sunday at Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Staff said one was a medical student and the other a junior doctor, without giving their names. The British press said they were from Saudi Arabia, but police refused to comment.

Dr. Shiv Pande, former chairman of the British International Doctors Association, said the two Indian nationals in custody were Muslims.

“It is very upsetting news,” Dr. Pande said of their suspected involvement. “It is an abuse of trust and respect — everyone should be able to love their doctor.”

Dr. Azmi Mahafzah, a teacher at the University of Jordan’s medical school, said he knew Dr. Asha during his studies and training there from 1998 to 2004. He said he didn’t think Dr. Asha was religious. “He is not a fanatic type of person,” Dr. Mahafzah said.


* Sure. And his mama said “he would never do a thing like that”

Dr. Asha’s family also denied he was a militant or had links to terrorism, as did the family of Dr. Asha’s wife, Marwa.

* Because the family sez so they must be innocent, right?

“Marwa is a very educated person and she read many British novels to know England better, a country she liked so much,” her father, Yunis Da’na, told the Associated Press in Jordan.

British authorities have refused to release many details on the suspects, including whether they were on any watch lists, but have indicated they think the plot may have links to al Qaeda.

A senior U.S. counterterrorism official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said yesterday that none of the eight suspects was on any American lists that identify potential terror suspects.

Great. Now we can go back to watching American Idol, right?


Why medical schools provide Islamic extremists with fertile recruiting grounds

Michael Binyon: Analysis
Medicine and engineering have long been the two most prestigious professions for Muslims. Some of the Arab world’s most famous writers and politicians have studied these disciplines. But so too have its most notorious extremists, including Osama bin Laden, who trained as an engineer, and Ayman al-Zawahiri, his deputy, who qualified as a doctor.

In Egypt, the top echelons of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood have long been full of doctors, engineers and geologists, while Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist party, is also dominated by such professionals, many of whom studied in Egypt. Recruiting such pillars of the community – who are often driven by strong ambition and convictions and may also be easily swayed by political extremism – has therefore been a prime aim of al-Qaeda. It has sought, especially, to radicalise Muslim medical and engineering students overseas, where they are often perplexed by a liberal culture, isolated from their families and more easily indoctrinated. Many, especially those from poor families, are proud of their achievements and believe that they have a right to be heeded. In many Middle Eastern countries, doctors, as leaders in their communities, are sucked into politics and become radicalised when they run into the inevitable corruption and frustrations. Dr George Habash, the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was a classic example and was among the most extreme of the Palestinian militants in the 1970s and 1980s.

* This writer, Michael Binyon, hits off with the right note, and then he swallows taqiyya by the bucket load:

Overwhelmingly, however, Muslim physicians reject extremism. Dr Abdullah Shehu, a member of the Muslim Doctors and Dentists Association, categorically rejected any link with violence. “It is completely contrary to the teachings of both medicine and Islam,” he said yesterday.

* You see, if Michael Binyon knew something about the teachings of Islam he wouldn’t write such a schlock.

Read it all…

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  1. Yes. But what if he is a Muhammedan and a committed jihadist?

    Send Peter Beattie to “meet a senior Islamic leader next week to promote social harmony” and “make sure we continue to embrace multiculturalism”.
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